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How many pupils does stationer Crown Woods have?

How many pupils does stationer Crown Woods have?

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is a coeducational secondary school and sixth form with academy status, located in the Eltham area of the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London, England….

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy
Principal Wayne Barnett
Gender Coeducational
Age 11 to 18
Enrolment 1,638

What grades do you need to get into Arden sixth form?

To be accepted into Arden Sixth Form, students must have achieved a grade 5-9 in Maths and English plus three other GCSE subjects at grade C or above. In addition to these basic requirements, each subject has specific entrance requirements which need to be met in order to be enrolled onto the course.

When was Crown Woods school built?

Crown Woods College was built and opened for pupils in May 2011. The College was a radical departure from the traditional concept of a school and was based on the principle of human-scale education: instead of one large school, the campus includes four small “home” schools, each designed for 450 pupils.

Can you do A Levels without GCSE?

Yes, sometimes you can do an A-level without having studied it at GCSE – in the same way you don’t necessarily need to take a subject at A-level to study it at degree level. Common examples of this include: law.

What time does Bexleyheath academy finish?


Question Answer
What are the start/break/lunch/finish school times? Start school: 8.20am Morning registration: 8.30am Period 1: 9.10pm Period 2: 10.10am Break 11.10am Period 3: 11.30am Period 4: 12.30am Lunch 1.30pm Period 5: 2.15pm End of day: 3.15pm

Do sixth forms have uniform?

It’s highly unlikely that you will be made to wear a uniform at a sixth form college, whereas if you stay at school you’ll probably have to wear a similar (if not the same) uniform to the one you have worn since Year 7!

Why is it called 6th form?

As previously mentioned, from around 1920, the secondary school system was split into six “forms”, with years 12 and 13 (as we call them now) being the sixth of them. Hence, the name sixth form referred and still does refer to students in the two A-levels year groups.

What shops are in Bexleyheath?


  • Angelica’s Cafe.
  • Argos.
  • Bexley Originals.
  • Boots.
  • Boots Opticians.
  • Burger King.
  • Card Factory.
  • Cardzone.

What time does Bexleyheath Academy start?

Is GCSE Grade 8 an A *?

Grade 8 is considered a strong A and grade 9 an A*. Grade 4, a “standard pass”, is equivalent to a C while grade 5 – also a C – is deemed a “strong pass” and grade 6 is equivalent to a B. The reforms were phased in over a number of years and not fully implemented until summer last year.

Can you wear jeans to sixth form?

Full-length, smart, plain, dark-coloured leggings are allowed. Jeans and skirts should not be ripped, frayed or holed. Writing or pictures on clothing must not be offensive or provocative. Skirts and shorts should not be excessively short.

Where is the apartment at Crown Woods located?

Crown Woods & Village at Crown Woods is an apartment located in Tulsa County, the 74137 ZIP Code, and the Jenks attendance zone. You can lease an apartment home for as few as 3 months to as long as 12 months.

Why choose crown woods and the village at Crown Woods?

Get connected to life at Crown Woods and the Village at Crown Woods. Two completely different styles of apartment homes, but both give you the same great amenities. Texas Sized Balconies!

Why choose Arden sixth form?

Arden Sixth Form is a Post 16 school and is part of the Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. In Arden you will find a thriving, energetic and friendly community where pupils achieve excellent results in both academic and vocational courses. It provides a caring and supportive environment where every individual matters.

How many places are available in sixth form at Stationers’ Crown Woods?

There are 400 places available in sixth form at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy for September 2022. The Admissions criteria for the Academy, including Sixth Form, is set out in our published Admissions Policy.