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Where can I watch Apple Event 2020?

Where can I watch Apple Event 2020?

With the Apple Events website, you can watch the event live on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC, or any other device with a web browser. The Apple Events website works in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and other main browsers. Just navigate to using a web browser at the appropriate time to watch.

What did Apple just release?

Apple unveiled the third-generation iPhone SE with 5G and an A15 chip, the fifth-generation iPad Air with M1 chip and 5G, the Mac mini/Mac Pro hybrid called the Mac Studio with new high-end M1 Ultra chip, and the Studio Display, a new 27-inch 5K display that’s priced at $1,599.

How do I watch Apple Event today?

You’ll be able to watch the March Event via the Apple Event website, as well as via the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac, and you’ll also be able to tune in to the announcement via its YouTube channel too.

Where can I watch Apple Event live?

Apple iPhone, MacBook or iPad users can stream the event directly from Safari on the official website. You can also watch the keynote speech on your bigger screen using your Apple TV device as well. The Apple TV+ app also has a livestream for the keynote.

What will Apple Announce 9 14?

Apple Event September 14, 2021 Introducing iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and the new iPad mini and iPad.

What’s showing on Apple TV?

Shows and series

  • Home (season 2) Discover the groundbreaking ideas and inspiring stories behind the world’s most imaginative dwellings.
  • Lovely Little Farm.
  • Now & Then (season 1)
  • Tehran (season 2)
  • Pinecone & Pony (season 1)
  • Stillwater (season 2)
  • The Problem with Jon Stewart (season 1)
  • Dear… (season 2)

How do I watch Apple Event online?

Watch on Android As mentioned above, Apple has widened support to allow both Chrome and Firefox to stream the event, so you’ll be able to stream from your Android via the mobile version of Google Chrome. Simply head to the Apple Events page to get started.

What Time Is Apple launch today?

The Apple Event is set to get started today (8th March) in Cupertino at 10am PST.