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Does wood cladding need maintenance?

Does wood cladding need maintenance?

All timber cladding will require some kind of maintenance over time, this can be as simple as keeping it clean or after some time it may need re-treating or coating.

Is wood cladding high maintenance?

Thanks to its high level of durability, timber cladding requires very little maintenance over time. Maintenance and repairs that are needed can, however, be completed easily and affordably.

Can you get a mortgage on a building with cladding?

Anyone living in flats affected by the cladding issue coming to the end of their current fixed rate mortgage will be able to re-mortgage with their current lender, provided that they are not looking to borrow any more than their current mortgage and their repayments are up to date regardless of whether an EWS1 is …

Do you insulate under cladding?

This means that choosing cladding not only improves the appearance of your property but gives you extra insulation and the chance to save money. Solid walls allow twice as much heat to enter your home compared to cavity walls. See the handy chart below to see how much you could save.

What do you put behind timber cladding?

Cladding panels should be installed by attaching to backing structure battens as detailed by the architect. Each panel should also be individually fixed. All NORclad products must be fixed using Stainless Steel grade 304 fixings.

Is your decking suitable for Bal 29 areas?

There’s nothing like coming home after a busy day of work and unwinding on your deck, looking out over the hills. Whilst your timber selection for decking is not severely hampered in a BAL 29 area, the installation of the decking boards contains strict requirements.

What is the Bal 29 rating for external doors?

Solid timber doors are standard practice at Cobalt Constructions, but they are also required under a BAL 29 rating for all external doors. Glazed doors need to be solid timber for the first 400mm above the threshold and must be made from bushfire resistant timber or non-combustible materials such as aluminium.

What are the requirements for installing windows in a Bal 29 home?

If you’re installing windows in a BAL 29 home, you need to remember: All glass must be toughened safety glass (minimum 5mm) All opening windows must be screened with metal fly screens All window frames must be made from bushfire-resistant timber, a metal like aluminium or uPVC with metal reinforcing

Do I need additional safety precautions if I’ve met the Bal 29 requirements?

Even when you’ve met all the BAL 29 requirements, it’s recommended to have additional precautions in place to protect your most precious asset – your family. Some additional safety installations include: