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How much HP does a Kawasaki 636 have?

How much HP does a Kawasaki 636 have?

Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 Dyno Curve On the dyno the ZX-6R produces 117 horsepower at 13500 rpm and 48 ft/lb of torque at 11500 rpm. It’s a very smooth and flexible engine that provides the most power of the sub 650 cc class of motorcycle.

How much horsepower does a 2020 ZX6R have?

127 Hp
2020 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R Specifications

Power 127 Hp
Bore x Stroke 67.0mm x 45.1mm
Compression Ratio 12.9:1
Fuel System DFI® with 38mm Keihin throttle bodies (4) and oval sub-throttles

How fast can a 2021 ZX6R go?

175 mph (Est.)

How much HP does a 2012 ZX-6R have?

The 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R comes with a brand new four-stroke, liquid-cooled, four valves per cylinder, inline four engine that displaces 636cc, 36 more than the previous generation. It produces 131 horsepower and a maximum torque of 71 Nm.

How comfortable is a zx6r?

For a tall guy it is surprisingly comfortable and I can travel from refill to refill with no issues as it’s a riding position I am used to. The Suzuki allowed for some footpeg adjustment but the Ninja just feels right for me from the off.

How many cc is a Ninja 636?

Powertrain And Price Tag. At the center of the action is the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636’s 636 CC liquid-cooled inline-four powertrain. This powertrain has a maximum power output capacity of 52.1 lb-ft of torque at 11,500 rpm. This engine is mated with a 6-speed return shift transmission.

When did the Kawasaki ZX-6R B1H come out?

Although the Kawasaki ZX-6R name can be traced back to 1995, it was 2003 and the launch of the ZX-6R B1H that really kicked-off this bike’s history. 2003: New generation ZX-6R B1H launched with radial brakes and upside down forks.

What are the specs of the Kawasaki ZX-6R (636)?

Kawasaki ZX-6R (636): specs. 1400 mm / 55,1 in – ZX600G, ZX600J, ZX636A, ZX600K, ZX636B, ZX600R, ZX636G-H 46 mm telescopic fork (fully adjustable), 120 mm / 4,7 in – ZX600G-J, ZX636A

Is the Kawasaki 636 the best bike ever?

It was not only the best on the track but look in america half the pro-stunt riders ride with 636 ’05-’06 models. I hope Kawasaki manufacture a new one in the upcomming years. And if it has to be kawasaki get this GREEN MEAN MACHINE! I must start by saying this is the first ‘big bike’ i have ever owned.

Is this the best 636 ever made?

Anyhow this is the best 636 ever made. It was not only the best on the track but look in america half the pro-stunt riders ride with 636 ’05-’06 models. I hope Kawasaki manufacture a new one in the upcomming years.

The ZX-6R 636 for 2019 has some updates consisting of: Euro4 compliance, KQS quickshifter (up only), updated bodywork and seat, LED headlights and updated dashboard. The claimed horsepower also sees a slight drop from the 2018 model’s 96.4 kW (129.3 hp) to 94.9 kW (127.3 hp).

How much horsepower does a 2013 Ninja 636 have?

Water cooled, 636cc, Inline-4, DOHC

Power: 131.07 HP (96.4 kW) @ 13500 rpm
Torque: 71 Nm (52.37 lb-ft) @ 11500 rpm
Final drive: Chain
Curb weight: 423.3 lbs
Category: Supersport

Is a ZX-6R faster than a ninja 1000?

While the ZX-6R’s has a smaller engine, it produces more power and revs higher than the Ninja 1000’s motor; suiting perfectly with its track bike character. Meanwhile, the Ninja 1000 offers mid-range power and torque for better cruising abilities and efficiency.

What is the top speed of a zx6r?

160 mph

Top speed & performance
Max torque 52 ft-lb
Top speed 160 mph
1/4 mile acceleration
Tank range 187 miles