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What is an MMAC?

What is an MMAC?

The unique code, Materiel Management Aggregation Code (MMAC), is a two- position alpha code used in conjunction with/at the end of the national stock number (NSN) (rp 21-22 of DLSS transactions), to identify specific items (NSNs) to be managed by a specific manager.

What is a work unit code?

Work unit codes are the identifiers used by maintainers to identify which systems they are working on. The work unit code consists of a five-character set and is used to identify the system, subsystem, and component on which maintenance actions are performed.

What is scheduled aircraft maintenance?

Scheduled aircraft maintenance is preventative maintenance that is performed at regular intervals. This type of maintenance generally includes 100-hour inspections, annual inspections, and progressive inspections as well as preflight checks to ensure the aircraft is airworthy and ready to be flown.

How do I get my FAA airframe and powerplant license?

There are two ways you may obtain the training and experience necessary to become an FAA-certificated Airframe and/or Powerplant Mechanic:

  1. Academic training through an FAA-certificated Aviation Maintenance Technician School (AMTS)
  2. On-the-job training (OJT)

How do I become a CDS provider in Missouri?

Here are the requirements to be eligible for CDS:

  1. Be a Missouri resident above the age of 18 years.
  2. Have a physical disability that makes you unable to perform daily activities like meal preparation, bathing, cleaning, etc.
  3. Require the level of care that might be provided at a nursing home.

What is a WUC in the Navy?

The Navy’s WUC. database tracks parts associated with Naval aircraft that has been repaired. Work Unit Codes are used to track maintenance actions on aircraft systems.

How much does an aircraft mechanic make a year?

£35,382 per year
Aircraft Mechanic Salaries in London Area The average salary for Aircraft Mechanic is £35,382 per year in the London Area. The average additional cash compensation for a Aircraft Mechanic in the London Area is £1,229, with a range from £305 – £4,953.

How do I get paid by the state for taking care of someone in Missouri?

As a Missouri resident, you can receive payment as a caregiver through the Cash and Counseling program. This is a Medicaid program that provides beneficiaries with cash assistance and the ability to self-direct the spending of that cash on caregivers of their choosing.

Can a spouse be a paid caregiver in Missouri?

SCFW offers great flexibility, as even a spouse or legal guardian can be paid to provide care. Caregivers are employed and paid by a Structured Family Caregiving provider agency enrolled with the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS). Program participants and caregivers must live in the same home full time.

What does ICRL stand for Navy?

ICRL Military Abbreviation. 1. ICRL. Individual Component Repair List. Technology, Aviation, Repair.

What does an A and P mechanic do?

Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics are certified generalist mechanics who can independently perform many maintenance and alteration tasks on aircraft. A&P mechanics repair and maintain most parts of an aircraft, including the engines, landing gear, brakes, and air-conditioning system.

Are aircraft mechanics skilled labor?

Aircraft Airframe and Powerplant mechanics are listed as unskilled labor according to the department of labor. The schooling and/ or on the job training required to qualify to test for a federal license is way beyond unskilled.

What does the 15th Air Force Maintenance Group do?

The Maintenance Group performs Aircraft and Aircraft support equipment maintenance. The Medical Group provides medical and dental care. The Wing Staff agencies provide support services to 15th Wing leaders and Airmen including but not limited to financial analysis, public affairs, and legal support.

What does the 15th Wing do?

The 15th Wing is composed of four groups with specific functions. The Operations Group controls all flying and airfield operations. The Maintenance Group performs Aircraft and Aircraft support equipment maintenance. The Medical Group provides medical and dental care.

What does a 15G repairman do in the Army?

Army Aircraft Structural Repairers (MOS 15G) provide maintenance on aircraft structures. They rely on drawings, blueprints, manuals, and directives to make ordered repairs. Aircraft Structural Repairers may alter windows and enclosures, or fabricate interiors with metal-forming techniques and fiberglass.

What is a MOS 15T in the Army?

Army Repairers MOS 15T install and remove aircraft components such as the engine, rotors, gearbox, transmission, or mechanical flight controls. They prepare aircraft for inspections and maintenance checks. Click Here to become an UH-60 Helicopter Repairer (MOS 15T).