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What is the numbers 1 to 20 in Spanish?

What is the numbers 1 to 20 in Spanish?

cero zero uno one dos two
nueve nine diez ten once eleven
doce twelve trece thirteen catorce fourteen
quince fifteen dieciséis sixteen diecisiete seventeen
dieciocho eighteen diecinueve nineteen veinte twenty

What is 100in Spanish?

The number 100 can be translated into Spanish as either cien or ciento.

How do you count to 40 in Spanish?

Now that you’ve seen the Spanish numbers 1 to 50, you’re sure to be getting the hang of counting in Spanish!…Spanish numbers 21-50.

Numeral In Spanish
38 treinta y ocho
39 treinta y nueve
40 cuarenta
41 cuarenta y uno

How to write Spanish numbers?

Memorize unique names of numbers. The first 15 numbers in Spanish have unique names that you’ll need to learn.

  • Learn to count by tens. The tens in Spanish are unique words as well.
  • Use -cientos for hundreds.
  • Connect tens and ones with the word “y” (and).
  • Learn the word “mil.
  • Use the word “millón” for a single million or “millones” for several million.
  • What are the Spanish numbers?

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    How do you say all the numbers in Spanish?

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    How to say Spanish numbers?

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