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Who is Mary Katherine Goddard husband?

Who is Mary Katherine Goddard husband?

Mary Katherine never married or had any children. She continued to run her small dry goods and stationary business until 1809 or 1810. Upon her death on August 12, 1816, Mary Katherine Goddard freed her slave, Belinda Starling, and left Starling all of her possessions.

Did Mary Katherine Goddard get married?

Never married, she died in Baltimore on August 12, 1816, at age 78, leaving her property to her servant, Belinda Starling, “to recompense the faithful performance of duties to me.”

Why is Mary Goddard’s name on the Declaration of Independence?

Mary Katharine Goddard’s name appears on a printed Declaration of Independence. She was not a signer or a man, but she was a printer to the Continental Congress. The Declaration of Independence that she printed in Baltimore in January 1777 was the first version of the document to list the names of most of the signers.

What is Mary Katherine Goddard known for?

Mary Katharine Goddard (June 16, 1738 – August 12, 1816) was an early American publisher, and the postmaster of the Baltimore Post Office from 1775 to 1789. She was the older sister of William Goddard, also a publisher and printer. She was the second printer to print the Declaration of Independence.

Where was Mary Katharine Goddard born?

ConnecticutMary Katharine Goddard / Place of birth

Who abstained from the Declaration of Independence?

The only one of the thirteen American colonies to abstain from voting in favor of adopting the Declaration of Independence was New York.

Where is Mary Katharine Goddard from?

Who was the youngest signer of the Constitution?

Jonathan Dayton
The oldest person to sign the Constitution was Benjamin Franklin (81). The youngest was Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey (26). When the Constitution was signed, the United States’ population was 4 million.

Who was the most handsome Founding Father?

Devastatingly handsome and, according to one historian, “brimming with libido,” Alexander Hamilton was the nation’s first public figure to be embroiled in a sex scandal.