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Does MetroPCS have deals for existing customers?

Does MetroPCS have deals for existing customers?

MetroPCS $50 Instant Rebate for Existing Customers Select customers can snag a $50 instant rebate on phones priced $79 and higher if you’re on or move to a $60 unlimited LTE plan!

Is MetroPCS giving away free tablets?

Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) has a deal for two unlimited lines for $75! This plan includes unlimited talk, text and LTE data. In addition, you’ll also get a free Samsung Galaxy A20 smartphone and a free Alcatel Joy Tab tablet after rebate redemption.

Does Metro by T-Mobile offer phone upgrades?

New or current Metro by T-Mobile customers with a qualifying transaction which includes: new activations, add-a-lines, or upgrades with a device purchase are eligible to trade in their phones.

Does Metro give free upgrades?

MetroPCS always has an upgrade program, but you get eligible for that by possessing an active SIM card and a compatible phone. A few costs and eligibility criteria get associated with them. You may upgrade your MetroPCS phones online or by visiting the store or calling their customer service department.

Does MetroPCS have good service?

MetroPCS is the best budget cell phone providerwe tested. Its plans cost less than major carriers while stilloffering comparable network performance, reliability and speed. Ifyou live within a T-Mobile covered area and want to save money onyour cell phone bill, we highly recommend checking MetroPCSout. .

Is MetroPCS a good cell phone company?

The very best MetroPCS phones, now known formally as Metro by T-Mobile, are excellent handsets combined with great plans.

Does MetroPCS do Black Friday deals?

Yes, of course. Like all other brands and retailers, MetroPCS will hold a mega sale on Black Friday. It is a sale that you can count on to get your favorite items at the cheapest price ever. During Black Friday sale, all the goods and all your orders will be discounted. So the more you buy on Black Friday, the more you save.

Is T-Mobile prepaid better than MetroPCS?

Metro charges affordable rates for international plans, but T-Mobile provides far better coverage and service. T-Mobile is the better option for consumers who want a top-tier experience. They’ll receive unlimited everything with no deprioritization. Also, extra perks like T-Mobile Tuesdays and a half-dozen other benefits are available.