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What is the current rate of interest in LIC HFL?

What is the current rate of interest in LIC HFL?

LICHFL Home Loan Interest Rate 2022 6.90% p.a. – 7.80% p.a.

How can I check my LIC HFL loan status?

How to Check Your LIC Housing Finance Home Loan Approval Status Online

  1. Visit the official website of LIC Housing Finance Limited.
  2. Click on the ‘Home Loans’ tab and you will be directed to the following page:
  3. Click on ‘Online Loan Application’ on the left-hand panel and you will be directed to the following page:

Is LIC housing Finance private or government?

LIC HFL is a subsidiary company of LIC….LIC Housing Finance.

Type Public
Net income ₹2,287.97 crore (US$300 million)(FY2022)
Number of employees 2,103
Parent Life Insurance Corporation of India
Subsidiaries LIC HFL Care Homes Limited LIC HFL Financial Services Limited LIC HFL Asset Management Company Private Limited

Is LIC housing Finance a good company?

LIC HFL, definitely not a good bank for home loan In this digital world, ALL of their services are highly outdated. High interest ROI compared to other banks.

How do I know my LIC Home Loan number?

Loan number is usually present on the loan documents. Assuming you applied for LIC HFL, the papers which you must have received from the financial institution will have the loan account number. It is a 10-12 digit number. This should help you know how to find loan number in LIC housing.

What are the documents required for LIC housing loan?

Income documents

  • Salary slips and Form No.16 for salaried.
  • Bank statements for last 6 to12 months.
  • Last 3 years income tax returns along with financials for self-employed or professionals.

Which loan is better LIC or SBI?

Which is a better bank for Home Loan – LIC Housing Finance or SBI? LIC Housing Finance and SBI have the same interest rate on Home Loan, starting from 7.55%. Lowest EMI of LIC Housing Finance is ₹ 703 for a maximum tenure of 30 Years. Lowest EMI of SBI is ₹ 703 for a maximum tenure of 30 Years.

How much home loan can I get on 25000 salary?

25,000, you can avail as much as Rs. 18.64 lakh as a loan to purchase a home worth Rs….Home loan eligibility based on salary.

Age Net monthly income (in Rs.)
25,000 – 50,000 75,000
25 Years 18.64 lakh – 37.28 lakh 55.93 lakh
30 Years 18.64 lakh – 37.28 lakh 55.93 lakh
35 Years 18.64 lakh – 37.28 lakh 55.93 lakh

Can I pay LIC housing loan Online?

In order to pay your LIC home loan online, you need to log on to the LIC housing website and use your valid username and password for access to the portal. This portal would contain details on services related to your LIC home loan. if you are a first time user, you need to register for this service.

What is the minimum salary for home loan?

Minimum Salary: ₹10,000 p.m. Minimum business income: ₹2 lac p.a.

Where is LIC Housing Finance located in Bangalore?

Lic Housing Finance Ltd 15/1 Hayes Centre, Hayes Road, Bangalore – 560025 Ph – 080-22960502/4/5

How do I get in touch with LIC Housing Finance?

Ways to Reach LIC Housing Finance Home Loan Customer Care. Chargeable numbers (Regional Offices) (033) 22129984 – Kolkata. (080) 22960502 – Bangalore. (0522) 2615218 – Lucknow. (040) 40052227 – Hyderabad. (011) 28844270 – New Delhi. (044) 42111096 – Chennai. (022) 22641515 – Mumbai.

Where can I find LIC Housing Finance in Patna?

LIC Housing Finance Ltd. Jeevan Prakash, 4th Floor, Sir P. M. Road, Fort, Maharashtra – 400001, Maharashtra LIC Housing Finance Ltd. 8th Floor, Western Wing, BSFC Building, Fraser Road, Patna – 800001, Bihar You can also write to the concerned person in your area office.

Which branch of LIC is Canara mutual in Bangalore?

LIC of India, Bangalore (Rich. Town ) Branch Office Canara Mutual Bldg 2nd Flr. Oriental Bldg 1st Flr M G Road.