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Who was the keyboardist for the Stranglers?

Who was the keyboardist for the Stranglers?

Dave Greenfield1975 – 2020Toby HounshamSince 2021Hans Wärmling1974 – 1975
The Stranglers/Keyboardists

What songs did Dave Greenfield sing in the Stranglers?

Golden BrownAlways the SunNo More HeroesSkin DeepHanging AroundPeaches
Dave Greenfield/Songs

When did Dave Greenfield of The Stranglers died?

May 3, 2020Dave Greenfield / Date of death

What happened to The Stranglers?

The Stranglers’ keyboardist, Dave Greenfield, has died due to coronavirus-related complications at age 71. Dave Greenfield — who played keyboards and sung for the U.K. punk group the Stranglers off and on since 1975 — died Sunday due to coronavirus-related complications.

Are The Stranglers still going?

The remaining band members completed a new album recorded with Greenfield, Dark Matters following his death and confirmed that they would proceed with their “Final Full UK Tour”, initially announced in January 2020, in his honour.

How old is Dave Greenfield?

71 years (1949–2020)Dave Greenfield / Age at death

Who is jet blacks wife?

Alisa had a relationship with Jet Black for a long time in the early 2060s when he worked for the ISSP. However, she became increasingly unsatisfied, as she felt she had no independence outside of their relationship.

Who died from the Stranglers?

The Stranglers keyboard player Dave Greenfield has died at the age of 71 after testing positive for Covid-19. Greenfield died on Sunday having contracted the virus after a prolonged stay in hospital for heart problems.

Has Dave Greenfield died?

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What happened to Dave Greenfield?

The Stranglers keyboard player Dave Greenfield sadly passed on the 3rd May 1990. This is my tribute to Dave Greenfield. Dave Greenfield RIP. I guess I knew one day I’d be writing this. I think it’s fair to say though I thought that day would be a fair few years from now.

How did Dave Greenfield change the rules of punk?

The keyboardist, who has died aged 71 of coronavirus, upended the rules of punk with organ arpeggios and a moustache – and pointed the way to post-punk Defiant … the Stranglers, with Dave Greenfield seated middle. Photograph: Chris Gabrin/Redferns

Was David Greenfield influenced by the doors?

The comparison was even made at the Stranglers’ inception by Jean-Jacques Burnel, who said Greenfield had not heard of the Doors at the time. Greenfield himself said he was more influenced by the work of Rick Wakeman and Yes. He was also noted for his trademark style of playing rapid arpeggios.

How did Michael Greenfield learn to play guitar?

He learned guitar from an older schoolmate and, after leaving school, played for a year in bands at American bases in Germany. Greenfield tried to develop a music career in Germany, and played in bands in Britain as well as Germany while also working in his father’s printing business and as a piano tuner.