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Can you live in the Platinum Las Vegas?

Can you live in the Platinum Las Vegas?

Platinum Condo Hotel Las Vegas VIDEO Overview Unlike many other condo hotels in Las Vegas such as the MGM Signature, the Platinum Condo Hotel cannot be permanently occupied as a residence. In other words, one cannot use a condo hotel unit in this complex as their permanent home.

What was the Platinum Hotel before?

the Highlander 6 Inn motel
Early history The property began in 1974, as the Highlander 6 Inn motel. The motel became a Comfort Inn between 1990 and 1993. By 2001, the motel was operating as an Econo Lodge. Michael Peterson, the president and chief executive officer of Diversified Real Estate Concepts, Inc., purchased the land in 2003.

How far is the platinum from the strip?

a block and a half
Distances are deceiving in Las Vegas, and The Platinum’s location, just a block and a half from The Strip, still takes around 15 minutes to navigate on foot.

Is there a platinum rule?

The Platinum Rule was popularized in Dr. Tony Alessandra’s book of the same name. The Platinum Rule goes this way: “Treat others the way they want to be treated.” The Platinum Rule is a very subtle yet powerful and important shift from false consensus.

What is the titanium rule?

Raines and Ewing suggest the “Titanium Rule,” which means “do unto others according to their druthers” (as they would like you to do). We learn what people’s druthers are by observing them, asking questions, watching mannerisms, noticing how they are dressed, reading their cues, noticing preferences they have etc.

What’s better than the Golden Rule?

The Platinum Rule is a variation of The Golden Rule that calls for a more thoughtful approach when dealing with others. It asks that you “Do unto others as they would want to be done to them.”

What is the double platinum rule?

Bryan K. Williams, a customer service consultant, coined the idea of the Double Platinum Rule; “Treat others the way they don’t even know they want to be treated.” Anticipate and meet their needs before they even conceive of them. This is one of the greatest ways to create satisfied and returning customers.

What is Las Vegas platinum condos?

What is Las Vegas Platinum Condos? Platinum Condos for sale are contemporary all suite condo/hotel located a block off the strip Las Vegas strip on Flamingo and Koval the Platinum Hotel is a non-gaming, smoke-fee environment featuring 255 one and two bedroom suites from 950 square feet to 2,200 square feet.

Why choose platinum condo hotel?

Platinum Condo Hotel, this premium complex is a very unique place that offers some peace and quiet in the center of Las Vegas. As a non-gaming and smoke-free complex, the Platinum Condo Hotel provides a different kind of environment that not many people would expect in Las Vegas.

Is there a condo hotel in Las Vegas with a balcony?

This hotel has one of the most restrictive rules for their owners of any of the condo hotels. All rooms are fully furnished suites with full kitchens, 9 foot ceilings, balcony, fireplace and terraces. 3 out of 4 lowest appreciating high-rise condos for sale in Las Vegas are condo hotels, including this project.

Where can I find condos for sale by floor in Las Vegas?

If you’re seeking specific Platinum condos on certain floors, Luxury Realty Group is the only Las Vegas brokerage where you can see what condos are for sale by floor using our unique Tower Map technology. If you don’t find condos for sale on the specific floor you want, you can set up an alert to let you know when one becomes available for sale.