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Is Hamilton worth watching?

Is Hamilton worth watching?

PILLAI: ‘Hamilton’ is worth watching live, but its historical flaws should be addressed. Although “Hamilton” falls short in some key areas, it is still worth seeing in theatre.

What is so great about Hamilton the musical?

Its use of hip-hop, rap, rhythm and blues as part of the musical, along with the inclusiveness of its cast, is what sets this Broadway show apart from others. “Hamilton” has a significant cultural impact because it is the story of how America looked years ago represented by how America looks like today.

Is Hamilton on Broadway a good show?

Like any true landmark, ‘Hamilton’ stands up to repeated viewings. After six months, the show’s initial impact hasn’t dulled a bit; in fact, the qualities that made it so extraordinary the first time around are all the more striking.” “‘Hamilton’ is the best and most important Broadway musical of the past decade.

Are there any musicals as good as Hamilton?

Hamilton may be one of the most famous examples of a newer musical that was based on historical events, but more have begun to emerge recently as well, including Six and Diana. Another fan-favorite is Newsies, and recently Oklahoma! has gotten a resurgence following the Broadway revival in 2019.

What are Hamilton fans called?

List of fandom names

Object Fanbase nickname Type
Hamilton: An American Musical Hamilfans musical
Hannah Hart Hartosexuals YouTuber
Hannibal Fannibals TV show
Hanson Fansons music band

What should I watch if I liked Hamilton?

10 Movies To Watch If You Liked Hamilton

  • 3 Rent (2005)
  • 4 The Wiz (1978)
  • 5 Black Is King (2020)
  • 6 Marie Antoinette (2006)
  • 7 Dreamgirls (2006)
  • 8 Evita (1996)
  • 9 Django Unchained (2012)
  • 10 Les Miserables (2012)

What should I watch instead of Hamilton?

10 TV Shows To Watch If You Like Hamilton

  • 3 His Dark Materials (2019)
  • 4 House Of Cards (2013-2018)
  • 5 Glee (2009-2015)
  • 6 Hollywood (2019)
  • 7 Smash (2012-2013)
  • 8 Turn: Washington’s Spies (2014-2017)
  • 9 Les Miserables (2019)
  • 10 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015-2019)

Is Hamilton play overrated?

Firstly, Hamilton isn’t overrated in the slightest. It does enjoy a level of hype that almost no other Broadway musical can hope to match, but there are good reasons for that.

What is the fastest song in Hamilton?

Even more amazing, two of the fastest verses in Hamilton — one in the song “Satisfied” and one in “Guns and Ships” — average at least five words per second.

What age group is Hamilton for?

The PG-13 rating is spot on. The show feels geared towards older kids (tweens and up), not only for its mature content but also for the complicated ideas and historical frameworks present.

How is Hamilton different from other musicals?

Another reason Hamilton is different from other musicals is that it’s a story about white people portrayed by actors who are not white. It’s no secret that Broadway, meaning its performers and patrons, is overwhelmingly white.

Is Hamilton better than other musicals?

This is not an impulsive reaction to last night’s excellent production, but coldly considered. Hamilton is better than any other musical, by roughly the same margin as Justify is better than any other three-year-old colt. Of course, I have not seen every musical ever written but I’ve seen most of the great ones.

Is ‘Hamilton’ Broadway’s first bragging-rights musical?

In 2015, “Hamilton” became Broadway’s first bragging-rights musical in a generation. Everyone was in a clamor to see it, from the corner bodega owner, to George Clooney, to your college friend who loves volleyball and can’t spell “revolution.”

Is Hamilton the first hip-hop musical?

II – Hamilton and the American Stylebook Critics have called Hamilton the first hip-hop musical, but it is more than that. There’s plenty of hip-hop, with a powerful beat and exquisite rhyming that falls on the notes spot-on. (My favorite: Hamilton telling Washington “I’ll write under a pseudonym/You’ll see what I can do to him”).

What did Hamilton win at the Tony Awards 2017?

Hamilton wins the Pulitzer prize for drama. The musical breaks records, winning 11 Tony awards – at a ceremony that takes place after news breaks of a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. Miranda performs a sonnet in praise of his wife and son, ending with the words: “Now fill the world with music, love and pride.”