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What are the top 5 muzzleloaders?

What are the top 5 muzzleloaders?

Comparison of the Best Muzzleloaders

Name Rating Price
CVA Paramount Muzzleloader (4.7/5.0) $949
Remington Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader (4.6/5.0) $999
Traditions Buckstalker Muzzleloader with 3-9×40 Scope (4.5/5.0) $489
CVA Wolf Muzzleloader (4.4/5.0) $283

How many FPS is a 50 muzzleloader?

50 caliber muzzleloaders. A . 45-70 with a 405-grain bullet shoots at about 1,350 fps., where a modern muzzleloader with 100 grains of Pyrodex, or Triple7 powder, will shoot at about the same speed as the .

What calibers do muzzleloaders come in?

Production muzzleloader rifles are available in . 45, . 50 and . 58 caliber ranging in price from about $270.00 – $1000.00.

Is this a good caliber for a 36 rifle?

The rifles use somewhere around a .35 caliber ball + patch, while revolvers use an oversize .375 to .380 ball. This looks like a nice rifle in 36 with a Green mountain Barrel should be a great shooter. A tad over your price point, but not that far over for a custom rifle

What kind of barrel does the rice muzzleloader have?

RICE MUZZLE LOADING BARREL COMPANY Custom blackpowder rifle barrels Custom Rifle built by Jim Chambers Rice Muzzle Loading Barrel Company 555 ijames Church Road Mocksville, NC 27028 (336)492-2614 Barrel Specifications: PREMIUM HERITAGE SWAMP BARREL

What calibers are available in your rifled barrels?

All of the calibers in our rifled barrels may be left smooth, plus 16ga, .690”, 12ga, .750” and 10ga. We offer GAIN/progressive twist rifling as an option in our barrels. All gain twist barrels will shoot round balls very well, plus allow the use of conical and saboted bullets.

What is rifling in a muzzleloader?

This type of rifling in a muzzleloader barrel comes literally as close as possible to give one barrel the ability to handle most forms of bullets and with a high precision of accuracy.