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What does DA Pam 385 64 provides guidance on?

What does DA Pam 385 64 provides guidance on?

DA Pam 385-64 provides guidance for the standards, preparation, and authentication of explosives sites for licensing.

How long is an explosive safety waiver issued for?

(a) Consist of waivers and exemptions in accordance with DA Pamphlet 385-30 and are generally granted for a short period not to exceed 5 years, pending the cancellation of the DARAD or a correction of the deviation.

Which of the following is a unique feature of AR 385-63 MCO 3570.1 and DA PAM 385-63?

What is one of the unique features of AR 385-63/MCO 3570.1 and DA Pam 385-63? The order applies to both Marine Corps and Army range operations. You are planning to use small arms in next week’s training exercise. Which specific chapter(s) of DA Pam 385-63 should you reference when preparing for your exercise?

What is DA Pam 385-63?

Department of the Army Pamphlet DA PAM 385-63 Range Safety April 2014 provides minimum requirements for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps Range Safety Programs prescribed in Army Regulation (AR) 385–63 and Marine Corps Order (MCO) 3570.1C.

Which activity requires an explosive safety Submission?

General. (1) A munitions response safety submission or site plan may be required if the explosives contaminated media is of a high enough concentration to be explosive. No work involving handling or disposing of contaminated media will begin without an approved safety submission or site plan (if required).

Which of the following is a unique feature of AR 385 63 MCO 3570.1 and DA PAM 385 63?

How many program elements are there in the Army safety Program?

This office will organize and administer a safety program that includes the following: (1) Accident reporting (2) Workplace safety (3) Transportation safety (4) Family and off-the-job safety (5) Range safety (when applicable) (6) Explosive safety (when applicable) (7) Aviation safety (when applicable) (8) Tactical …

Who is responsible for an organizational inspection program?

The principal requirement is that commanders, program managers, and directors must have an OIP. The only inspections mandated by AR 1-201 are the initial and subsequent command inspections conducted for new commanders of companies, batteries, troops, detachments, or other similarly sized organizations.

What makes AR 385-63 MCO 3570.1 and DA PAM 385-63 unique?

What is the Army safety Program AR 385-10?

The Army Safety Program is based on Army Regulation (AR) 385-10 and is applicable to all Army personnel and operations. In the program, safety activities are organized to protect the force and enhance warfighting capabilities through a systematic and progressive process of hazard identification and risk management.

What is the difference between an IG inspection and staff inspection?

3–6. Inspector general inspections focus principally on issues that are systemic in nature and that affect many units throughout the command. IG inspections examine and recommend solutions for problems that command and staff inspections cannot solve at the local level.

What are inspection principles?

Inspection Principles Draw attention to the presence of any immediate danger – other items can await the final report. Shut down and “lock out” any hazardous items that cannot be brought to a safe operating standard until repaired. Do not operate equipment. Ask the operator for a demonstration.