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When did overwaitea become Save-On-Foods?

When did overwaitea become Save-On-Foods?

Save-On-Foods BB #:153831 continues to be one of the most respected and trusted brand names in Western Canada. As a continuation of our rebranding, on July 12, 2018 the legal name of our operating entity changed from “Overwaitea Food Group Limited Partnership” to “Save-On-Foods Limited Partnership”.

Who owns save on food stores?

*Although they operate as competing retailers, Save-On-Foods and Buy-Low Foods Ltd. are both owned by the Jim Pattison Group. **Most of the IGA stores in BC are owned by Georgia Main Food Group, only three in BC are operated by Sobeys. The IGA stores in Quebec are managed by Sobeys Quebec.

What did Save-On-Foods used to be called?

Get to Know Us Originally, we were called Overwaitea Food Group because of the founder’s practice of selling 18 ounces of tea for the price of 16, and the name “overweight tea” stuck. Fast forward over 100 years and that name has changed, but we’re still known for delivering extra value to our customers.

What happened to overwaitea?

The store was soon known as the “over-weight tea” store. When Kidd opened his second store, he called it “Overwaitea”….Overwaitea Foods.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Supermarket
Founded British Columbia, 1915
Defunct March 22, 2018
Fate Remaining stores converted to Save-On-Foods

How many Overwaitea stores are in Canada?

As of August 2015, the Overwaitea Food Group owned and operated 145 grocery stores in B.C. and Alberta under six different brand names. OFG later opened four stores in Saskatchewan and three stores in Winnipeg, Manitoba during 2016. Additionally, in 2017 a full-size store was opened in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Why did Safeway sell to Sobeys?

“The acquisition allows us to leverage our existing assets and in turn position Sobeys to compete even more effectively within the changing, and increasingly competitive, grocery retail landscape,” Empire president and CEO Paul D. Sobey said in a news release.