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How do I get my NACE certification?

How do I get my NACE certification?

Basically, the exam courses are for those who choose to purchase the optional DVD set in advance and then take the three-day course to review for the NACE exam for the corresponding level. Alternately, individuals may choose to go the “regular” route, taking the coating inspection course, which lasts about 60 hours.

Which is best BGAS or NACE?

So, as you can see, NACE course material is more detail oriented although it would not guarantee you a pass at BGAS exam even if you study NACE course material prior to attending the BGAS course since BGAS is founded on a totally different objective, that is, to certify coating inspectors with an strong vocational …

What is SSPC qp1 certification?

The SSPC QP 1 Certification is meant to attest to an industrial painter’s ability to apply coatings to complex industrial and marine coatings. It tests the painter’s proficiency in management, quality control and compliance in the areas of safety, health and the environment.

What is Advanced Study certificate?

A CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) is awarded upon completion of a programme comprising at least 120 contact hours, a written examination and, in certain cases, a dissertation. It can result in between 10 and 29 ECTS credits. A CAS may in certain cases comprise part of an MAS or a DAS.

What is a c33 license?

The C-33 License is the classification required in the state of California for all painting contractors that want to bid on residential and commercial painting projects where the cost of labor and materials exceeds $500.

What is QP1 and QP2?

Society for Protective Coatings QP2 Certification These standards are considered to be the MINIMUM level of service and quality. QP1 is a prerequisite for QP 2, which builds on the standards and guidelines of QP 1 to further qualify the industrial contracting company in hazardous paint removal operations.

What does QP 1 mean?

The QP 1 accreditation is an internationally recognized program that evaluates the practices of industrial painting contractors in key areas of business related to field coating application. Learn More About QP1.