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How much is a plastic tank in Uganda?

How much is a plastic tank in Uganda?

Prices of plastic water tanks GENTEX AND CREST TANKS.

Tank capacity Prices per tank
500 liters 198,000
750 liters 325,000
1000 liters 345,000
1500 liters 540,000

How much are Gentex tanks?

Gentex Water Tanks

Gentex Water Tank 10,000ltrs quantity Gentex Water Tank 10,000ltrs UGX2,600,000 UGX2,400,000
Gentex Water Tank 500 liters quantity Gentex Water Tank 500 liters UGX200,000 UGX180,000
Gentex Water Tank 250 liters quantity Gentex Water Tank 250 liters UGX115,000 UGX110,000

What is the cost of 2000 Litre water tank?

2000 Litre = Rs 12,000.

How much is a septic tank in Uganda?

A tank that can hold 100 litres will cost up to Shs600,000, for 160 litres will cost you about Shs1m and the largest one which can hold up to 5,000 litres will cost about Shs4m but he advises that this size is not recommended.

What is the price of 5000 Litre water tank?

Prices of the standard cylindrical water tanks in Kenya as of 2022

Capacity (in Liters) Price (in Ksh)
3000-4000 27,600-42,550
4000-5000 42,500-51,800
6000 59,900
8000 83,200

What is the price of 750 Litre water tank?

Sintex 750 Litre Water Storage Tank, Rs 3500/piece Laxmi Enterprise | ID: 15383887755.

How much does a biodigester cost in Uganda?

A bio-digester will cost about USh 2.5 million compared to the cost of a septic tank.

Which plastic water tank is best for home?

10 Best Water Tanks In India | 10 Best Water Tank Brands In India | Best Water Tank Company In India12 min read

  • Sintex Water Tank.
  • Plasto Water Tank.
  • Supreme Water Tank.
  • Ashirvad Water Tank.
  • Penguin Water Tank.
  • Storewel Water Tank.
  • Vectusl Water Tank.
  • National Plastics Water Tank.

What is the weight of 750 ltr water tank?

Water Tank 750 LTR

Brand Megha Tanks
Diameter 1015
Weight 18.50 KG
Warranty 10 YRS
Wall Thickness 5 MM