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Is N ch3 3 a strong base?

Is N ch3 3 a strong base?

Trimethylamine (N(CH3)3) is a weak base.

Is N CH3 3 a Lewis acid?

(CH3) 3N is a lewis base due to the presence of lone pair on nitrogen atom.

What is the hybridization of c2 h6?

The structure of the ethane molecule is given below: From the structure we can see that all the bonds around the carbon atoms are single, so the hybridization of this molecule will be $s{{p}^{3}}$.

How many covalent bonds are there in a molecule of c2 h2 and c2 h6?

7 covalent bonds
Therefore, on adding the covalent bonds of C-C and C-H covalent bonds, we can say that the Ethane molecule has 7 covalent bonds. Hence the correct answer is (B) 7 covalent bonds.

How many valence electrons does AsO3 3 have?

Chemical Bonding: AsO33- Lewis Structure For the AsO33- Lewis structure there are a total of 26 valence electrons available. The Arsenic atom goes in the center of the Lewis structure since it is the least electronegative atom.

What is the oxidation number of As in AsO3 3?

In chemistry an arsenite is a chemical compound containing an arsenic oxoanion where arsenic has oxidation state +3. Examples of arsenites include sodium arsenite which contains a polymeric linear anion, [AsO2−]n, silver arsenite, Ag3AsO3, which contains the trigonal, [AsO3]3− anion, sometimes called ortho-arsenite.

Why is N CH3 3 a Lewis base?

This is due to different electronegativities of H and F bonded to nitrogen. In (CH3)3 N the lone pair of N is concentrated on N and so it can act as an electron pair donor (Lewis base).

Is CH3 3p a Lewis base?

3. P(CH3)3 has an electron-rich phosphorus atom with a lone pair to share with a Lewis acid. The electronegative chlorine atoms pull electron density away from the phosphorus atom in PCl3. As such, the phosphorus atom cannot readily share its lone pair, and it is not a good Lewis base.

What type of compound is CH3 3N?

tertiary amine
Trimethylamine (TMA) is an organic compound with the formula N(CH3)3. It is a colorless, hygroscopic, and flammable tertiary amine….CHEBI:18139 – trimethylamine.

ChEBI Name trimethylamine
Definition A tertiary amine that is ammonia in which each hydrogen atom is substituted by an methyl group.

Is BF3 polar or nonpolar?

nonpolar molecule
Boron trifluoride (BF3) is a nonpolar molecule, whereas ammonia (NH3) is a polar molecule.

What is the hybridization of C2H4?

sp2 hybridized
C2H4 is sp2 hybridized.