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What does it mean to play the cards that you are dealt?

What does it mean to play the cards that you are dealt?

play the hand (one) is dealt. To accept, deal with, and make the most of one’s current situation or circumstances; to make use of that which one is afforded or has available. I know you feel unsatisfied with your life at the moment, but we all have to play the hand we’re dealt.

Who said the quote we Cannot change the cards we are dealt just how we play the hand?

Quote by Randy Pausch: “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just h…”

Can’t change the cards we are dealt?

Randy Pausch Quotes We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game.

WHO SAID play the hand you’re dealt?

Christopher Reeve Quotes You play the hand you’re dealt.

When the world has dealt the cards meaning?

“The world has dealt its cards” is a statement that means that fate has been set. The “cards” or event has occurred.

What does we Cannot change the cards we are dealt just how we play the hand?

Every hand is different It just means that you should know when to stop and when to start your next play. There is no right way to it. You can deliver the same result by getting a low card as the person who got the high cards.

What does it mean to be dealt a hand?

Literally, to distribute a hand of cards to someone at random. If you’re so good at shuffling cards, you deal the hand then! Deal me a hand while I get some more chips. 2. By extension, to accord someone their fortune or fate in life at random.

What does it mean dealt with?

1. To manage or handle someone or something (usually someone or something unpleasant). The phrase “deal with it” can be used dismissively to leave a task to someone else.

What is mean by dealt?

Dealt is defined as something has been distributed. An example of dealt is all players in a poker game have been given their cards. verb.

What are we dealt?

Senior Member. It means that we can’t decide many of our circumstances, for example: where we are born, if we are smart, if we are tall, if we are male or female, etcetera. But we can decide to use these things to make as good a life as possible for ourselves.

Was dealt a bad hand?

be dealt a bad hand To be forced to deal with an especially unfortunate or undesirable set of circumstances. Likened to receiving undesirable cards in a card game.

What is another way to say dealt with?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for deal with, like: manage, handle, cope-with, discuss, approach, review, concern, treat, communicate, consider and have to do with.

How do you use dealt in a sentence?

How to use Dealt in a sentence

  1. The more Damian dealt with them, the less he wanted to deal with them again.
  2. Wireless Telegraphy is dealt with.
  3. You should not hunt until this Victor is dealt with.
  4. Darkyn dealt with her the same way he did everything else in his life.

What does it mean to be dealt a good hand?

To be planning something bad, mischievous, etc. similar ( 8 ) The Republicans were dealt a good hand there, and they played it well.

Are dealt a lousy hand?

Lousy = bad. Metaphorically, you can say that someone was “dealt a lousy hand” in life. That means that they have been very unfortunate in some way(s) in their life.