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What MBTI has the best imagination?

What MBTI has the best imagination?

INTP. INTPs have truly vivid and rich imaginations, and enjoy being able to think outside of the box. While other people might be stuck in one way of doing things, INTPs thrive when they are able to take on a completely unseen point of view.

Are INFPs imaginative?

We are highly imaginative. We INFPs tend to have vivid imaginations due to our direct relationship with our inner world: We explore our feelings and inner rich caverns through our auxiliary function, Extroverted Intuition (Ne).

Who is more creative INFJ or INFP?

As a result, INFJs appear more structured, rigid, and analytical, whereas INFPs appear more open, spontaneous, and artistic. That’s because INFJs are “extroverting” their structured side whereas INFPs are “extroverting” their open side. It also means that inwardly INFJs feel more artistic than they appear.

Are INFPs better than INFJs?

INFPs score much higher on honesty and authenticity than the INFJ personality type. More likely to speak your mind and share your own feelings, even when they disagree with or hurt the feelings of others. You will be real with people and will share problems you have with another person. Even if it might cause conflict.

Are INFJs imaginative?

The Different Ways INFPs and INFJs Use Intuition They are also naturally imaginative, exploring fictional worlds in their mind and looking for patterns and themes in the real world that help them understand humanity better.

Are INFPs the most creative?

INFPs are almost all naturally creative people. They have an imagination that is boundless and a gift with words and writing that has made them some of the most renowned authors of all time.

Are INFP and INFJ similar?

On the surface, INFPs and INFJs are very similar. They’re both described as idealistic, moralistic, misunderstood, and empathic, among other things. Because of these shared descriptions, it’s not uncommon for INFJs to mistype as INFPs, and vice versa.

Are INFJ deep thinkers?

INFJs are sensitive, compassionate people who care about other people’s feelings and want to make the world a better place. But they are also deep thinkers with a clear sense of logic and, often, a love of science.

Are INFJs soft spoken?

Compassionate: With their strong sense of intuition and emotional understanding, INFJs can be soft-spoken and empathetic. This does not mean that they are pushovers, however. They have deeply held beliefs and an ability to act decisively to get what they want.

Which MBTI types daydream the most?

INFPs are definitely dreamers, who spend most of their time inside of their own inner worlds. They have incredibly rich imaginations, and active minds which keep them constantly dreaming.

Are INFPs good at art?

INFPs, with their natural tendencies toward creative expression, are a personality type that’s well-suited to artistic careers. Indeed, many INFPs who work in more traditional careers delight in such pursuits as creative writing, painting and theater as hobbies.

Are INFJ more introverted than INFP?

Introverted Intuition vs Introverted Feeling An INFJ leads with Introverted Intuition (Ni), while an INFP’s most dominant cognitive force is their Introverted Feeling (Fi). This means the INFJ and INFP differ a lot in terms of how they see the world (and how others perceive them).

Are INFPs more introverted than INFJs?

How can you tell INFJ from INFP apart?

INFJs are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. INFPs are guided by principles, whereas INFJs use logic. While INFPs are free-spirited and even flighty, INFJs are self-disciplined and make decisions easily. And finally, INFPs are open-minded, curious, and tolerant of different ideas.

Are INFJs left or right brained?

INFJ Brain Activity People with the INFJ personality type show 49% of their pre-frontal activity on the left side of their brain, and 51% of their pre-frontal activity on the right side of their brain. INFJs (and INTJs) use a whole-brain, zen-like pattern regularly.

What superpowers would an INFJ have?

Superpowers of the INFJ Personality

  • “Seeing” into the future.
  • Easily empathizing with others.
  • Understanding others’ viewpoints.
  • Self-disciplined when it counts.
  • Surprisingly open-minded.

How imaginative are you based on MBTI type?

Here is a look at how imaginative you are based on MBTI type. INFPs are highly imaginative and what they envision is often inspired by a feeling or emotion, especially that of sorrow. For INFPs, their imagination is often both a form of therapy and a necessary escape from the real world.

Do INFJs and INFPs feel misunderstood?

Both the INFJ and INFP personality types run into the problem of feeling misunderstood. For INFJs, the Perspectives process gives them an insight into other people that is unmatched, and it can be disconcerting to realize other people don’t have the same super power.

What do ISFPs like and dislike most about imagination?

ISFPs do enjoy imagination, and dislike anything that keeps them stuck in the same boring place. Being able to explore different ideas and fantasy thoughts, is something that excites the ISFP. ESFPs actually have rather rich imaginations, and enjoy being able to experience new things.

What triggers an ENFP’s imagination?

Everything an ENFP observes can potentially spark their imagination and trigger a random idea or vaguely-related epiphany. ENFJs exercise their imagination mostly in the service of compassion for others and their concern for the uncertain and unknowable future.