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Who was Joe strummers wife?

Who was Joe strummers wife?

Lucinda TaitJoe Strummer / Wife (m. 1995–2002)

What was Joe Strummer heart condition?

The death certificate shows that he was suffering from an intra-mural coronary artery, where one of the main vessels supplying blood to the heart grows inside the heart muscle. Fewer than 100 fatal cases have been recorded in the world in 40 years.

Where is Joe Strummer buried?

Strummer was cremated at the West London Crematorium, Kensal Green Cemetery.

Is Joe Strummer Turkish?

Joe Strummer, original name John Graham Mellor, (born August 21, 1952, Ankara, Turkey—died December 22, 2002, Broomfield, Somerset, England), British punk rock star who gave voice to a generation of unrest as the leader of the Clash.

Is Paul Simonon married?

Tricia RonanePaul Simonon / Spouse (m. 1990–2006)

Where is Joe Strummer from?

Ankara, TurkeyJoe Strummer / Place of birth
Born in Turkey in 1952 and the son of a British diplomat, John Graham Mellor changed his name to Joe Strummer in his 20s as a joking reference to his self-taught guitar style. He started forming political opinions early, as a student at the London boarding school he was sent to at 9 years old.

Who was Joe Strummer’s dad?

John Graham MellorJoe Strummer / Father

Where is Paul Simonon from?

Croydon, United KingdomPaul Simonon / Place of birth

Where did Joe Strummer go to school?

Central School of Art and Design1970–1971City of London Freemen’s…1961–1970Central Saint MartinsUniversity of Wales, Newport
Joe Strummer/Education

Does Joe Strummer have children?

Jazz MellorLola Mellor
Joe Strummer/Children

What happened to Topper Headon?

Tensions rose between Headon and his fellow band members due to his addiction, and he left the band on 10 May 1982, at the beginning of the Combat Rock tour. The band covered up the real reason for Headon’s departure, the apparent growing use of heroin, claiming Headon’s exit was due to exhaustion.

Does Joe Strummer have kids?

How old is Ann Dexter-Jones?

Jones is the daughter of jewellery designer Ann Dexter-Jones and Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones….

Annabelle Dexter-Jones
Born 25 October 1986 London, England
Parent(s) Mick Jones (father)

Did The Clash take drugs?

Topper, who would go on to contribute to a number of the now-iconic albums such as London Calling, Combat Rock and more, lived through five fast and intensely furious years as The Clash’s sticksman and did so with sex, drugs, booze and all that comes with touring with one of the biggest groups on the planet.