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Can you trim a graphite shaft?

Can you trim a graphite shaft?

With steel shafts, use a tubing cutter to trim the shaft; with graphite shafts, shorten using a hacksaw.

What length do you cut iron shafts?

For many standard length clubs, you will need to trim somewhere between 1/2″ to 1″. The lengths are longer than needed (for standard clubs) to allow for longer than standard clubs for taller players. If you need your clubs to be 1″ over standard, then you may won’t need to trim at all!

Should I shorten my iron shafts?

Any amount of cutting will slightly stiffen the club. It will probably go unnoticed if you take 1 inch or less off the club. Taking 2 inches off will change the flex of the club. If you are shortening irons, every 1 inch you shorten the club will make the iron effectively play 2 degrees flatter.

Does shortening a golf shaft make it stiffer?

A shorter shaft is typically stiffer than a longer one. Although a shorter golf club shaft tends to be firmer than a longer one, it is important to understand the changes trimming a shaft will make to a club before making such a permanent change.

Does butt trimming make a shaft stiffer?

Cutting a club from the butt end will have somewhat the opposite effect, making the shaft stiffer overall but shorter as well. The most fundamental difference in a shorter club is shorter shot distance, and you might find the change in stiffness is not worth the change to your club.

How do you shorten a graphite golf club?

The first, many graphite golf club shafts are black and the use of the masking tape assists in properly marking the area to be cut with a Sharpie pen. Secondly, by wrapping tape around the shaft, reduces the likelihood that the shaft would splinter during the last moment of the cutting process.

How long should my irons be for my height?

Using the ratio of every 6″ of height there should be a 1″ change in length then there should be a 1 ½” difference between their 5-irons. For example, recommend 36.5″ for the lady and 38″ for the man (or 36.75″ / 38.25″).

How do I know if my irons are too long?

How to Tell if Your Golf Clubs are Too Long

  1. Completely upright posture.
  2. Improper golf swing.
  3. Odd ball flight.
  4. Feels cumbersome and unmanageable.
  5. Shaft feels weak.
  6. Consistency hitting with the toe.
  7. The measurements are wrong.

Should shorter golfers use shorter clubs?

Shorter golfers are often better served with shorter clubs, while the lie angle (how the club sits on the ground) may also need tweaking. If your clubs are too long and/or upright, you’ll be forced to adjust away from a swing that’s natural for you.

Should you shorten your irons?

Additionally, shorter length golf clubs can provide more control to the golfer, essentially making the golf club more forgiving. While longer clubs can help increase speed and launch angle, shorter clubs can be easier to hit solid due to the reduction in swing arc.

What effect does tipping a shaft?

Shaft tipping is when a club builder removes length from the tip section of a shaft, which is the end where the clubhead is installed. In most cases, tip trimming a shaft makes it meaningfully stiffer. It also increases torsional stiffness, known as “torque,” which is a shaft’s resistance to twisting.

Can I cut graphite shaft with hacksaw?

Yes, it is even strong enough to cut steel. It can cut through a graphite shaft in 15-20 seconds after the shaft has been securely place in your vise. The model we sell fits on a standard 12” hacksaw frame found at any hardware store or in many home shops.

How do you prepare a shaft tip?

Shafts: Lightly sand shaft from tape to tip with 150 grit or finer sand paper to remove the polyurethane finish and all the paint. This operation is “prepping” the shaft and can be done by The GolfWorks (PREP).

Does tipping a graphite shaft affect torque?

How do you cut graphite shafts?

The graphite shaft will come with trimming instructions that tell you how much to cut from the tip, depending on the amount of flex you want. For example, you’ll trim more off the tip to achieve a stiffer flex. Place the shaft into a rubber golf club clamp, then insert the clamp into a vise.

How much tip trim do I add to my shafts?

After tip trimming, butt trim to length. Note: For M1 metal woods add 1.5 inches tip trimming, for M2 metal woods add 1 inch tip trimming, for blind bore add 0.5 inch tip trimming, for through bore do not add to tip trimming. (Applies only to True Temper Dynamic Gold wood shafts only!)

How do I know which shaft trimming chart to use?

Below are all the shaft trimming charts to the golf shafts that Hireko sells. To know which chart to use, consult the shaft on the product or catalog page. Note some shafts are combination flex and you will need to choose which flex you want to tip trim the shaft.

Do I need to trim my graphite shafts before adding grips?

Do-it-yourself golfers who enjoy assembling their own irons out of individual parts — rather than purchasing them off the shelf or from a club fitter — will likely need to trim their graphite shafts before adding the grips, ferrules and club heads.