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How do I fix ORA-12560 error?

How do I fix ORA-12560 error?

Set the Oracle system ID (SID) to C:>set oracle_sid=ORCL. Next, run the Net Start command (C:>net start oracleserviceORCL). This should resolve the ORA-12560 error in this situation.

How do I run Lsnrctl?

To start the listener service, type the following command:

  1. Solaris: lsnrctl START.
  2. Windows: LSNRCTL. EXE start.

What does Lsnrctl reload do?

reload: Forces a read of the configuration file in order for new settings to take effect without stopping and starting the listener.

How do I start the Oracle listener in Windows command line?

To start Oracle Net Listener, do the following:

  1. Start the listener with the Listener Control utility.
  2. Start the database, as follows:
  3. Confirm that database service registration with the listener has completed using the Listener Control utility using the following command: LSNRCTL> SERVICES [listener_name]

How do I start DB listener?


  1. Windows operating systems: Use the Services menu to start the Oracle TNS listener named OracleOraDb12_home1TNSListener . If the Oracle listener service is idle, start the listener.
  2. UNIX and Linux operating systems: Enter these commands: # su – oracle # ./lsnrctl start.

What does Lsnrctl stop do?

stop: Stops the listener. For Windows systems, the listener can also be stopped from the Control Panel. status: Provides status information about the listener, including start date, uptime, and trace level.

How do I find my Tnsnames?

By default, the tnsnames. ora file is located in the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory. Oracle Net will check the other directories for the configuration file. For example, the order checking the tnsnames.

How to solve lsnrctl no listener problem?

After searching alot got a simple way to solve it. Just follow the steps. Check status of your listener. open command prompt and type lsnrctl status You will get no listener.

How to resolve TNS 12560 error in SQL Server?

Below fixes can be applied to resolve TNS 12560error Get Latest patch for SQL*NETclient software Set $ORACLE_HOMEand $PATHvariable (should be accessible for System user) Check permissions on PC client Check $TNS_ADMINvariable Check if network has firewall or antivirus issues

How to change the host parameter in lsnrctl status?

open command prompt and type lsnrctl status You will get no listener. Now open listener.orafile which is present in following directory: C:\\oraclexe\\app\\oracle\\product\\11.2.0\\server etwork\\ADMIN Open that file and change the host parameter with you computer name

What is ora-12560 TNS protocol adapter error?

Enter password: ERROR: ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error. This error will come if Listener is not up or problem in tnsnames or database is not up.After installation of oracle user needs to up all the services including listener. NO TIME TO READ CLICK HERE TO GET THIS ARTICLE Resolution of the Error :