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How do I insert a raster image in MicroStation?

How do I insert a raster image in MicroStation?

In the MicroStation (. dgn) Image file, open the Raster Manager and File>Attach>Raster…, browse to your image file (the one that you just saved), and select it and click Open (You could check the box to “Place Interactively” here). The Raster Attachment Options dialog box will appear.

How do you edit a raster image in MicroStation?

To modify a selected raster image Use the Select Rasters tool, or the Raster Manager dialog box, to select the raster image file to modify. Select the Modify Raster tool. Make the required changes to the settings in the settings window. Identify a handle, or arrow, and drag it to modify the image graphically.

How do you unlock raster images in MicroStation?

To release the lock, ensure the image is selected and press CTRL+M or choose Edit > Unlock. 2) Lock the level. Since raster attachments are put on a level, you can also lock the level via the Level Manager.

Where is the raster manager in MicroStation?

You can open them directly from the MicroStation Manager or within the MicroStation Open File menu by using the Common Raster Formats, Common Geo Raster Formats, or All Files of type filters. This will open all the pages of your raster document as read-only into a MicroStation view.

How do I use the raster manager in MicroStation?

You attach a Raster File (image) in MicroStation via the Raster Reference Manager.

  1. Open the Raster Reference Manager.
  2. Select your Raster File, i.e. Image.
  3. Adjust your Raster Attachment Settings, if needed.
  4. Place the Raster in the design file in the position and size needed.

How do I georeference an image in MicroStation?

From the MicroStation pull-down menu select Workspace > Preferences. The Preferences dialog will appear. 2. Under the Category list on the left pane, select Raster Manager then select the Georeference tab on the right pane.

What is a raster file in MicroStation?

Raster Manager is the name of the principal module in MicroStation that is responsible for opening and visualizing raster imagery in MicroStation. Using Raster Manager you can open and display images of various formats, from monochrome to full color.

Where is raster manager in MicroStation?

For more info please see the MicroStation Help document under Menus > File Menu > Raster Manager > WMS Map Editor dialog topic.

How do I add a KMZ File to MicroStation?

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Use Sketchup Make to import the Google Earth KMZ file. This will make a .
  2. In Sketchup > File > Import > in the Import Dialog choose File Format tab and select “Google Earth File (*.kmz)”
  3. Create a new DGN file in MicroStation > File > Import > .
  4. Check and see that all elements are OK after import.

What is raster MicroStation?

How do I raster a PDF in MicroStation?


  1. Select the Attach Raster tool (Drawing > Attach > Raster). The Attach Raster Reference dialog opens.
  2. Select the desired PDF.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Select the file path under attachments and right click to see Page Selection option.
  5. Select the desired page.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Select Attach on the Raster Attachments Options dialog.