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Is iOS 15.3 out?

Is iOS 15.3 out?

iOS 15.3 was released on January 26 to all users with an important security patch that fixed a vulnerability found in the Safari web browser. The vulnerability let websites access URLs visited by a user and even obtain the user’s Google ID and related personal data. On February 10, Apple released iOS 15.3.

How long does iOS 15.3 take to install?

Here’s How Long the iOS 15.5 Update Takes

Task Time
Backup and Transfer (Optional) 1-30 Minutes
iOS 15.5 Download 5 Minutes to 15 Minutes
iOS 15.5 Installation 7 Minutes to 12 Minutes
Total iOS 15.5 Update Time 12 Minutes to 1 Hour+

Is iOS 15.4 out?

Release date: Is iOS 15.4 out now? Yes, both iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 were released on March 14. The new green iPhone 13, the alpine green iPhone 13 Pro and the new iPhone SE come with iOS 15.4 preloaded, according to Apple.

What is iOS 15.3 for?

iOS 15.3 includes bug fixes and security updates for your iPhone and is recommended for all users.

Does iOS 15.3 have bugs?

Lots of security fixes, but also a lot of random bugs. I’ve been testing the new iOS 15.3 release — well, by testing, I mean running it, like a lot of iPhone users — and it’s a bit of a mixed bag of fixes and bugs.

Why is iOS 15.3 not installing?

If you still can’t install the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, try downloading the update again: Go to Settings > General > [Device name] Storage. Find the update in the list of apps. Tap the update, then tap Delete Update.

Why does iOS 15.4 take so long to update?

On the software side, the issue is usually due to a partially downloaded update file or an issue with your Internet connection. There could be other software issues as well such as a minor glitch on your current iOS version. That can prevent new updates from being installed on your phone.

When did iOS 15.5 come out?

May 16
iOS 15.5 release date Apple released iOS 15.5 on May 16, alongside iPadOS 15.5.

Is iOS 15.4 good?

Out of the gate, iOS 15.4. 1 looks like a very solid update and it is a very important one too due to the zero-day vulnerability in iOS 15.4. Combine this with battery improvements and the vast majority of users should navigate to Settings > General > Software Update to make sure they get the update ASAP.

Is iOS 15.4 a big update?

Unlike the previous version of iOS 15 (iOS 15.3. 1), iOS 15.4 is a huge milestone upgrade and it brings new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and security upgrades to iPhone users around the world. With that in mind, we want to take you through everything you need to know about Apple’s latest iOS 15 update for iPhone.

Is iOS 15.3 good?

“iOS 15.3 includes bug fixes and security updates for your iPhone and is recommended for all users.” That said, the fixes are major point worthy.

Is iOS 15.3 any good?

iOS 15.3 is the first major point release I can remember to only offer fixes, with Apple’s official release notes simply saying: “iOS 15.3 includes bug fixes and security updates for your iPhone and is recommended for all users.” That said, the fixes are major point worthy.

Does iOS 15.5 drain battery?

With many reporting battery drain issues with 15.4. 1 installed, it’s good news for those installing 15.5. According to iAppleBytes, a YouTuber that creates battery life tests with each new iOS release, the latest update sees an overall improvement in device battery life, except for the iPhone 12.

How long is iOS 15.4 update?

If your iPhone is running on an older version of iOS, you’ll might see a bigger download because your iOS 15.4 update includes the changes from iOS updates you skipped. If you’re moving up from iOS 15.3. 1, the installation process should take 10 minutes or less to complete.

Why is iOS 15.5 taking so long to download?

Due to the large file size, iOS 15 may take longer than usual to download. Thus, it’s better to keep the iPhone connected to a power source during the software update process. Also, avoid watching movies on Netflix or streaming music while the beta is downloading.

Why is my update taking so long iOS 15?

Sometimes, the update may be moving slowly and may indeed need a few minutes to complete. But if the progress bar doesn’t move for more than 30 minutes, then it may be unable to complete and you may need more advanced solutions. You can also try to force restart your iPhone to fix an update that is stuck.

What’s new in the iOS 15 3 update?

According to Apple’s release notes, iOS 15.3 includes “bug fixes and security updates for your iPhone ,” with Apple recommending the software for all users. Apple will have a full list of security updates on its website, but today’s iOS and iPadOS 15.3 updates specifically address a recently publicized Safari exploit.

Will you be able to run 32-bit apps on your old Macs?

Those on the older versions of MacOS (Mojave and High Sierra) should note that a security update was rolled out to MacOS 10.13 and 10.14 at the same time as this update. Tacitly Apple is acknowledging that many users will be remaining on these older platforms, no doubt for the 32-bit application support.

Is there a Pro mode on the new MacBook Pro?

Although the presence of a ‘ Pro Mode ’ to boost performance has been found in the code, there’s no indication that this has been switched on by Apple. The video output updates make 10.15.3 an easy choice for those who do a significant amount of editing, a specially at a professional level.

What’s new in iOS 15 Monterey?

iOS 15.3, iPadOS 15.3, and macOS Monterey 12.2 fix this Safari bug, which also impacted Chrome and other browsers on iOS devices. With the fix, the vulnerability can no longer be used to glean recent browsing history and identity details from Safari users. Get weekly top MacRumors stories in your inbox.