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Is National Enquirer magazine?

Is National Enquirer magazine?

The National Enquirer is an American tabloid newspaper.

Can you read the National Enquirer online?

Enjoy National Enquirer magazine and unlimited access to over 6,000 magazines on your mobile and tablet. All the magazines you can read for just $11.99 a month. The National Enquirer reports the unvarnished stories about celebrities- their antics, celebrations, loves and mishaps.

What happened to the Enquirer magazine?

The National Enquirer and A360 Media are owned by hedge fund Chatham Asset Management. A Chatham representative did not immediately reply to a request for comment. A 2019 deal that would have sold the Enquirer to the former head of the airport newsstand company Hudson News was not completed.

What does Enquirer mean?

someone who asks a question
Definitions of enquirer. someone who asks a question. synonyms: asker, inquirer, querier, questioner.

How much is the Enquirer magazine?

Cover price is $4.99 an issue, current renewal rate is 52 issues for $139.88. National Enquirer, published by a360media, LLC, currently publishes 52 times annually. Your first issue mails in 4-6 weeks.

How much is the Cincinnati Enquirer?

Then $9.99/month. Cancel anytime. Unlimited access to local journalism, including high school sports. All the benefits of unlimited digital access, plus print delivery & coupons.

Is the National Enquirer going out of business?

The collapse of the deal AMI announced last year to sell the Enquirer and two of its lesser-known tabloid cousins — the National Examiner and the Globe — to James Cohen, CEO of Hudson News, for an eye-popping $100 million raised questions for some industry observers as to whether the Enquirer had become too hot to …

What is the difference between Enquirer and Inquirer?

Enquire and inquire are often just different spellings of the same word. Where the two are used for the same purposes, inquire is the more common form. This extends to derivative words (inquiry, inquirer, etc.), and it is the case throughout the English speaking-world.

How do I get in touch with The National Enquirer?

If so you may change your address, cancel your subscription and contact customer service online through our Subscription Manager. If you are not a customer then you will need to contact directly at (877) 212-1942.

Where can I buy Cincinnati Enquirer?

You can access the e-Edition directly at Breaking news alerts and updates on our tablet and smartphone apps. You can personalize your news alerts, swipe, and scroll through stories faster, and bookmark them to save and read later. To unlock unlimited access, sign into your account in the app.

Who currently owns the National Enquirer?

The National Enquirer and A360 Media are owned by hedge fund Chatham Asset Management.

Is Enquire wrong?

For the most part, you can use either enquire or inquire and not make a mistake. These two words, however, have traditionally been used in a slightly different way, at least in the UK, which kind of makes them a pair of commonly confused words.