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What are some good mad gabs?

What are some good mad gabs?

37 Cards in this Set

Ache Inks High Sped A King sized bed
Ape Hand Hub Hair A panda bear
Abe Who Beat Wrap A Booby Trap
Ease Ace Life Ox He’s a sly fox
Easel Aid Ease Man He’s A Lady’s Man

Is there a Mad Gab app?

MadGab – Free Android app | AppBrain.

What is Mad Gab game?

Mad Gab is a board game involving words. At least two teams of 2–12 players have two minutes to sound out three puzzles. The puzzles are known as mondegreens and contain small words that, when put together, make a word or phrase. For example, “These If Hill Wore” when pronounced quickly sounds like “The Civil War”.

How do you play Mad Gab with the team?


  1. The team with the youngest player starts.
  2. The READER takes the first THREE Mad Gab cards from the box.
  3. Play begins when the timer is up-ended by the opposing team.
  4. Team members shout out suggested phrases, demand that the READER read faster or slower, ask for words to be emphasised and so on.

Which side of Mad Gab is harder?

Mad Gab® is best played by two teams. Pick your teams; it’s OK if they don’t have the same number of players. Mad Gab* cards are color-coded; the blue side is easier, the orange is harder (at least we think so). Each card has four puzzles.

Whats the game where you guess the phrase?

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How do you score in Mad Gab?

Teams score one point for every Mad Gab puzzle they have solved and pulled from the flipper once time expires. The opposing team scores 1 point for each puzzle solved by the Stealer that was missed by the Solving team. If a team has passed on a puzzle or not solved all three, they do not get any bonus points.

How do you win at Mad Gab?

Teams try to solve three puzzles before the times stops. If you solve all three, you can score bonus points! Or if you don’t, the “Stealing” team may then gain points by solving any puzzles the “Solving” team could not. Mad Gab is contagious and addictive!

Is there a Catch Phrase game?

Game play. The game is played in two teams. The goal for each player is to get their team to say the word or word phrase displayed in the disc. One member of a team starts the timer and tries to get his or her team to guess the displayed word or phrase.

How do you play Incohearant?

HOW TO PLAY. One person is the designated judge each round — they flip the timer and hold a card up so that only they can see the answer (and clues) and everyone else sees the Incohearant phrase. Everyone except the judge is a translator. The translators read the front of the card aloud.

Whats the game where you try to say the same word?

Say the same thing
What it is: A cooperative talking game where players try to say the same word at the same time.

Is incoherent inappropriate?

Adults only: This game is intended for ages 17+ and contains mature language and references.