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What is a pharmacy satellite?

What is a pharmacy satellite?

A hospital pharmacy satellite is a physically separate area on or outside the hospital premises used for the provision of pharmacy services which is dependent upon support and administrative services from the hospital pharmacy.

What are the benefits of establishing satellite pharmacies within a health system?

Achieved benefits of the satellite include decreased drug inventory, improved patient charging, accurate labeling, improved IV compounding, and improved pharmacy/surgery relations. The OR pharmacy satellite is a successful cost-effective operation.

What is complete floor stock system?

In Floor Stock System, the commonly used medications are stored at a small area on the nursing unit, which is like a mini pharmacy at the nursing unit. Therefore, most of the pharmacies in hospitals were located at the basement, and the space was usually small.

What is unit of use in pharmacy?

Unit-of-use means a system in which drugs are delivered to the resident areas either in single unit packaging, bingo or punch cards, blister or strip packs, or other system where each drug is physically separate.

What is drug basket method?

Drug basket method: Nurse fill a requisition form for delivery of drugs at their floor; When there is an empty container ,the nurse place it in the drug basket. Once the basket is completed,it delivery to the floor via messenger service. Alternatively mobile dispensary can be utilised. 11.

What is the main function of satellite pharmacy?

These satellite pharmacies specialize in the care of patients undergoing both inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures. This satellite provides services to the operating rooms by preparing medications used during surgery and participating in the development of medication usage protocols.

Where is satellite pharmacy setup?

Satellite pharmacy means a work area located within a hospital or on a hospital campus that is not separated by other commercial property or residential property, that is under the direction of a pharmacist, that is a remote extension of a centrally licensed hospital pharmacy and that is owned by and dependent on the …

What is the best drug distribution system?

Unit dose distribution systems (UDDS) have long been established as the safest form of drug distribution. A UDDS system applies to oral medication. The equivalent for intravenous medications is a CIVA (Central Intravenous Admixture) system.

What is drug basket system?

Drug Basket Method: This method is adopted where nurses verify the availability of medicines in all rooms as well as in the refrigerator and accordingly prepare a master list for the pharmacy. Nurses fill demand forms for the delivery of drugs on the floor.

What is unit medication?

(Pharmaceutical: Administration) A unit dose is the amount of a medication administered to a patient in a single dose. If drugs are packaged as unit doses, it makes it easier and safer to administer the required dose. Each one of the capsules contains a single dose, or unit dose, of the medication.

What is the unit-of-use?

What are the types of drug distribution?

Drug Distribution Methods

  • Ward – controlled system.
  • Pharmacy controlled imprest based system.
  • Pharmacy controlled patient issue system.

What is envelope method of drug distribution?

The pharmacy department follows an envelope system. This allows the pharmacist to write the details of the patients medication with the instructions. This helps the patients understand their medication in a better way and hence the possibility of error by the patient is minimized.