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What movies has Avan Jogia been in?

What movies has Avan Jogia been in?

Resident Evil: Welcome t…2021Zombieland: Double Tap2019The Outcasts2017iParty with Victorious2011Rags2012Paper Year2018
Avan Jogia/Appears in

What is Avan Jogia ethnicity?

“I think that much is made about our nationality, our racial background, or the language we speak,” said Jogia, who is half Indian and half Irish.

How old was Avan Jogia in Victorious?

30 years (February 9, 1992)Avan Jogia / Age

How tall is Avan Jogia?

5′ 10″Avan Jogia / Height

How much does Beck from Victorious weigh?

Beck Oliver is one of the main characters of Victorious….

Beck Oliver
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday March 23,1996
Weight: 140 lbs (63.6 kg)
Occupation(s): Student

How tall is Nathan Kress?

5′ 7″Nathan Kress / Height

Did Avan Jogia and Liz Gillies date?

Elavan is the real-life pairing of Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia (Elizabeth and Avan). They have been seen to be very close and hang out sometimes….Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop.

Shipped: Avan Jogia and Elizabeth Gillies
Status: Close Friends
Projects together: Victorious

What height is Miranda Cosgrove?

5′ 6″Miranda Cosgrove / Height

How much did Mena make in Aladdin?

Mena Massoud: After ‘Aladdin’ Made $1 Billion, I Still Couldn’t Get an Audition.

Is Aladdin hit or flop?

‘Aladdin’ May Have Been A Box Office Success But It’s A Cultural Flop | NileFM | EGYPT’S#1 FOR HIT MUSIC.

What is Avan Tudor Jogia famous for?

Avan Tudor Jogia (/ˈævən ˈdʒoʊɡiə/; born February 9, 1992) is a Canadian-British actor, activist and director. He is known for his roles as Ben Stark in Syfy show Caprica, Beck Oliver in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious, and Danny Desai in the ABC Family drama Twisted.

Is Avan Jogia’Tut’?

^ Andrea, Morabito (July 11, 2015). “First look at Avan Jogia as ‘Tut ‘ “. New York Post. Retrieved May 18, 2016. ^ a b c Yamato, Jen (February 6, 2014).

Is Avan Tudor Jogia related to Ketan?

Avan Tudor Jogia was born on February 9, 1992 in Vancouver, British Columbia, the son of Wendy and Mike Jogia. His father is a British Indian, and his mother is of English, German, and Welsh descent. He is the younger brother of Ketan, a music producer in London. Besides English, Jogia speaks some Gujarati and French.