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What was the first year of the Honda Elsinore 125?

What was the first year of the Honda Elsinore 125?

The Honda CR125M Elsinore is a motorcycle designed and manufactured by Honda and released in late 1973.

Why did Honda use the name Elsinore?

Production. Named the CR250M globally, it was subtitled the Elsinore in North America, after the offroad race in Lake Elsinore, California, the best-known off-road race of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

What does CR stand for on a Honda motorcycle?

C R on the Honda stands for competition racer.

Where did the name Elsinore come from?

Etymology. Borrowed from English, from Danish Helsingør, perhaps a derivation of hals (“narrow strait”, literally “throat; neck”), from Old Norse hals, from Proto-Germanic *halsaz, from Proto-Indo-European *kólsos.

How much is a YZ125 cost?

Yamaha’s two-stroke motocrosser offers a blend of performance, reliability, and usability….2022 Yamaha YZ125 Claimed Specifications.

MSRP: $6,899 (Team Yamaha Blue)/$7,099 (Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition)
Bore x Stroke: 54.0 x 54.5mm

Are Honda dirt bikes good?

Honda has been known as one of the best dirt bike manufacturers since the 1960s. They have produced a number of high-quality dirt bikes that have been sold and ridden all over the world.

What kind of motorcycle is the Honda 125 Elsinore?

The Honda CR 125 M Elsinore was a motorcycle designed and manufactured by Honda and released in late 1973. Modeled after the first Elsinore, the Honda CR 250 M, the 124cc version sold for $749.00 at its debut.

How much does a 1974 Honda CR125m Elsinore cost?

King of the Hill: 1974 Honda CR125M Elsinore. 1974 Honda CR125M Elsinore Claimed power: 21.7hp @ 9,500rpm (claimed) Top speed: 60mph Engine: 123cc air-cooled 2-stroke single, 56mm x 50mm bore and stroke, 7.6:1 compression ratio Weight (dry): 179lb (81.4kg) Fuel capacity: 1.6gal (6ltr) Price then/now: $740/$2,000-$4,000 In 1973,…

How did the Honda Elsinore 250 get its name?

Both bikes won within a few races. The green light was given for production, and Honda started making Elsinores by the thousands. They were given the Elsinore name because of the race that was immortalized in the 1971 film On Any Sunday. The 250 was released first and was called a 1973 model.

What happened to the Elsinore 125?

Period dyno tests confirmed what riders soon learned: This 125 made a lot of power for its size, and it was all at the high end of the rpm range. The Elsinore had a good run, but times changed. The race through Lake Elsinore was stopped, and the name was no longer synonymous with motocross; the Elsinore name was dropped after 1982.