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Who is the best rangoli artist?

Who is the best rangoli artist?

The talented artist behind the exquisite rangoli is Raipur’s Pramod Sahu, who is internationally known for his hyper-realistic and 3D artworks. Each artwork fetches him anywhere between Rs 10,000 and 1,50,000.

Who made rangoli art?

The Rangoli prepared for Diwali is the dry Rangoli created by Lopamudra. In different parts of India, there are different stories surrounding the origin and use of Rangoli. In Gujrat, when Lord Krishna (a supreme god, widely worshipped in India) settled down in Dhwarika, his wife,Rukmani, started the rangoli pattern.

Which state Rangoli is famous?

The tradition of Rangoli originated in Maharastra and slowly disseminated to other parts of India . Rangoli, also known as Kolam in South India, Chowkpurana in Northern India, Madana in Rajasthan, Aripana in Bihar, Alpana in Bengal is the ancient Hindu religious floor art.

What are the other names of rangoli art?

The art of rangoli (also known as alpana, saaz, muggu, kolam, zuti, mandana, and by many other names in India) is a traditional art of decorating courtyards and walls of Indian houses, places of worship and sometimes eating places as well.

Who is the best rangoli artist in India?

Shikha Sharma also won International Art Exhibition award in Thailand. In fact, she was the only artist doing rangoli from India and had received the invitation to participate from Thailand.

Who is Shikha Sharma artist?

Shikha Sharma is an Indian artist and social media influencer. She is extremely popular on social media platforms her artwork. She is known as 3D Rangoli queen. Shikha is 6th time world record holder in Rangoli.

What culture is rangoli from?

ancient Hindu
Rangoli is an ancient Hindu art form from India. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Rangavalli’, it means rows of colours, and is drawn in the homes, courtyards and sometime even on walls, to celebrate auspicious occasions.

Is rangoli religious?

It is considered auspicious to draw rangoli in Hindu Dharma during special occasions and religious ceremonies. Rangolis are believed to have spiritual perspective and benefits. It is said that with the change of color, design and form, the vibration of a rangoli changes.

Which is the largest rangoli in the world?

The world’s largest rangoli measuring 22,863 square metres was created by the Singrauli district administration last year. It not only received a distinction from the Guinness Book of World Records last month, but has also found its pride of place at the Golden Book of World Records and India Book of Records.

Who is 3D Rangoli queen?

Shikha is a world record holder in Rangoli and is also known as 3D Rangoli Queen.

Who is 3D Rangoli queen in world?

Artist Shikha Sharma (@shikha_artist) / Twitter. Shikha is an International artist also BRAND AMBASSADOR OF SWACHH INDORE and 6th time World record holder in Rangoli. She is also known as 3D RANGOLI QUEEN.

What is rangoli art meaning?

Definition of ‘rangoli’ 1. a traditional Indian art form using coloured sand or powder to decorate a floor, courtyard, or other flat surface.

Who is artist Shikha?

Who is the brand ambassador of Swachh Indore 2021?

Punit Dwivedi Brand Ambassador Swachh Indore Promoting Mayor Helpline app #Indore311.

What culture is rangoli?

What is Rangoli called in Kerala?

pookkalam (പൂക്കളം) in Kerala. Rangoli/sanskarbharti/bharti in Maharashtra.