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Who is the blonde ref in WWE?

Who is the blonde ref in WWE?

Charles Shane Robinson (born July 2, 1964) is an American professional wrestling senior referee and former professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE on the SmackDown brand.

Who is the new female referee in WWE?

Jessika Carr, who is the first full-time referee in WWE, became the first female referee to be part of the WWE matches at Crown Jewel 2021.

How long has Charles Robinson been a WWE referee?

Robinson, one of the last survivors from the WCW days, has been with WWE since July 2, 2001.

Who are the referees on WWE?

*These are estimated numbers. Original figures may vary.

Rod Zapata Main Event: $6000 Per Match: $1500
Ryan Tran 2010 Main Event: $4500 Per Match: $1500
Shawn Bennett 2013 Main Event: $6000 Per Match: $3000
Tom Castor Main Event: $2000 Per Match: $500

Who is the female referee in AEW?

Aubrey Edwards
Brittany Aubert (born March 9, 1987), better known by the ring name Aubrey Edwards, is an American video game developer and professional wrestling referee currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). She is also the promotion’s project coordinator and the co-host of AEW Unrestricted with Tony Schiavone.

Who is the woman referee on SmackDown?

Jessika Carr
Jessika Carr is making history by becoming the first full-time female referee on SmackDown, breaking new ground for women in professional wrestling. Carr ‘s real name is Jessika Heiser. She’s 28 and from the US state of Maryland.

Who are the AEW referees?


Ring name Real name Notes
Mike Posey Michael Posey
Paul Turner Paul Turner Senior referee
Rick Knox Richard Knox
Stephon Smith Stephon Smith

Who is the masked announcer on AEW?

Excalibur is the masked man at the announcer’s table on AEW Dynamite, and he explains how he ended up in that seat. He’s also one of the founders of PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerilla), the hottest indie promotion that gave many superstars their start.

Who is the AEW female referee?

Who is the senior referee in WWE right now?

Chad Patton is the senior-most referee in WWE right now (March 2021). Who is the female referee in WWE? Jessika Carr became the first female referee to feature on WWE main roster matches.

How much do WWE referees make?

The referees with good experience and track records make anything between $1500-$4000 per match and between $4000-$6000 for main event matches. The entry-level referees make $500-$800 per match. Below is the list of approximate salaries for currently active WWE Referees.

Are there any blonde wrestlers in WWE?

Moreover, there are some blonde wrestlers who competed in WWE, and they carved out a great career but don’t get the recognition they deserve compared to some of their counterparts. Currently, Charlotte Flair is already viewed as the greatest female wrestler of all time by many, as she is a 14-time WWE Women’s Champion, and counting.

Can a referee do anything wrong in WWE?

A referee can not do anything wrong and is basically on the shoot position every second of the match. So, with such great responsibilities, does the reward also come in handy? How much does a WWE referee earn?