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Who owns Back Cove Boats?

Who owns Back Cove Boats?

Sabre Yachts
Back Cove’s first model, the Back Cove 29 was introduced in 2003, however parent company Sabre Yachts has been building Sabre sailing yachts since 1970 and Sabre motor yachts since 1989, in the Sabre yard in South Casco, Maine, USA.

How much does a Back Cove 41 cost?

All Pre-Owned Back Cove Yachts Currently For Sale

Model Length Price
2015 Back Cove 41 41 FT $699,000
2020 Back Cove 41 41 FT $735,000
2014 Back Cove 41 41 FT $614,900
2021 Back Cove 39O 39 FT $895,000

Does Sabre Own Back Cove?

Back Cove Yachts, founded in 2003, is a sister company of Sabre Yachts.

How much does a Back Cove 37 cost?

Base price on the Back Cove 37 is about $442,000.

How much does a Back Cove 32 cost?

approximately $320,000
This summer the 32 will herald a new entry-level boat (base price is approximately $320,000 with either a single 370-horsepower Volvo Penta or single 370-horsepower Yanmar diesel) for the Maine builder, designed with owner feedback.

Who makes Sabre yachts?

The company’s name was changed to North End Composites in 1996 and today this shop is used for the production of fiberglass hulls and decks for Sabre’s larger sail and powerboat models.

What type of boat is a back cove?

The Back Cove 41 is the perfect choice for serious cruisers. The flagship of the Back Cove fleet, the Back Cove 41 is fitted with an efficient single diesel engine and straight shaft.

Is Sabre yachts still in business?

Where are Sabre boats built?

Raymond, Maine
Sabre’s manufacturing facilities are located in Raymond, Maine, approximately 25 miles north of Portland, and a little over two hours from Boston. In the 83,750 square foot facility in Raymond, 175 Associates assemble all sail and powerboat models.

Is Luhrs boats still in business?

It ceased operations in January 2008. The other companies under Luhrs Marine were Silverton Marine Corp., Mainship Corp. and Hunter Marine Corp. All were sold in the bankruptcy filing.

Where are Hunter boats made?

Hunter Boats Limited is a British boat builder presently based in Southampton. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of glassfibre sailboats. The company was founded by in 1969 by Michael Polard, as the Essex Boat Company.

When did Luhrs go out of business?

Unfortunately, the recession took its toll on the company, and they went bankrupt in 2008.