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Do gamma-ray bursts come from black holes?

Do gamma-ray bursts come from black holes?

Gamma-ray bursts are the strongest and brightest explosions in the universe, thought to be generated during the formation of black holes. Though they last mere seconds, gamma-ray bursts produce as much energy as the sun will emit during its entire 10-billion-year existence.

How do gamma-ray bursts relate to black holes?

When two neutron stars collide, they send out short gamma-ray bursts as they form a black hole. Supernovas, or star explosions, produce longer gamma-ray bursts as the dying stars collapse into black holes. For both types of gamma-ray bursts, “most of their energy comes in the form of pulses,” or blips, Hakkila said.

Can a black hole stop a gamma-ray burst?

Black holes, on the other hand, have no upper mass limit, so can encompass any mass needed to power a gamma-ray burst.

What happens if gamma-ray burst?

In gamma-ray astronomy, gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are immensely energetic explosions that have been observed in distant galaxies. They are the most energetic and luminous electromagnetic events since the Big Bang. Bursts can last from ten milliseconds to several hours.

What would happen if a gamma-ray burst hit a black hole?

Gamma radiation is still in the light spectrum, and thus its speed is in fact not bigger than the speed of light. so as the other answer already said, the black hole would simply absorb the radiation and nothing would happen.

Can gamma-ray burst affect life on Earth?

A GRB would deplete the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, allowing harmful UV radiation to reach the ground and thus have dire consequences for life. However, the ground-level ozone caused by the GRB would not be an additional hazard for life.

Can gamma rays turn you into the Hulk?

Gamma Radiation is electromagnetic radiation of the shortest wavelength, and is emitted by the Infinity Stones. Gamma radiation was absorbed by Bruce Banner after he used it in his Super Soldier Serum, transforming him into Hulk.