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Is the bijlmer safe?

Is the bijlmer safe?

The Bijlmer is a poverty-stricken area. It suffers from more crime than any other part of the city, though things are looking much better since a huge renovation operation of the area. Still, the Bijlmer is safe and a lot of fun to visit during day time (it’s not like somewhere with gangs like Los Angeles).

Is Amsterdam English friendly?

Amsterdam is an English friendly city. Over 90% of Dutch people can speak English at a high level. You can communicate in English anywhere and with anyone. Living in Amsterdam for an English speaking person is very easy, when it comes to communication.

Can you speak English in Amsterdam?

People in Amsterdam do speak a very good English. Between 90% and 93% of people in the Netherlands can speak English. In one of the recent research comparing the English skills of almost 80 countries, the Netherlands was placed first. In Amsterdam, everyone can effortlessly keep a conversation in English going.

What is the average height for a Dutch woman?

about 5-foot-6
At just over 6 feet for men and about 5-foot-6 for women, the Dutch are still the world’s tallest population. But the growth that has seen the country to the top of global height charts for decades appears to have ground to a halt.

Where is Pathé ArenA in Amsterdam?

Pathé Arena is a multiplex cinema in Amsterdam-Southeast of cinema operator Pathé. The cinema is located at 600 ArenA Boulevard, adjacent to AFAS Live. Show your City Card when visiting Pathé Arena and you’ll receive a small popcorn for free (freebie).

How to go to the cinema in Amsterdam?

The cinema can easily be reached by public transport as it’s right across the Bijlmer train station and the landmark Amsterdam Arena. This multiplex cinema is in number of rooms and chairs the largest Pathé cinema in the Netherlands. The cinema has 14 rooms over 2 floors with a total capacity of 3250 seats.

Where are the box-like buildings in Amsterdam?

The largest concentration of box-like office buildings is in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost (South-East) around Bijlmer station (train and metro), but the area does have some spectacular buildings, such as the Amsterdam ArenA stadium and the new Bijlmer ArenA station. Amsterdam is replacing older sewage plants by a single modern plant, in the port zone.

How do I get around in Amsterdam?

The public transport network in Amsterdam is extensive with buses, trams, metro’s and trains serving almost all areas of the city and beyond. Throughout the Netherlands a contactless smart card system called OV-chipkaart (“public transport chip card”) is used for travel on buses, trams, metros and trains and some ferries.