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Can male guppies live with other fish?

Can male guppies live with other fish?

Males are smaller and display fins in a varied range of colors and patterns. Females are less impressive. The simple fact that Guppy fish are good community fish doesn’t mean they can be housed with any other fish. Large predatory fish, fish that nip fins, and aggressive fish are bad companions for guppies.

How do I make my fighter fish happy?

Betta are happiest when they have clean water, so be sure to do at least a 50% water change every week for a 2.5+ gallon tank. Anything under 2.5 gallons without a filter should get 100% water changes at least every other day.

Do bettas like sunlight?

A betta should be exposed to about 14 – 16 hours of light (minimum) in a 24-hour day. You can buy timers for the aquarium light to ensure that this is well controlled. Some aquariums already have timers installed, but if not you can always install a timer on the plug socket that controls the light.

Do fighter fish need air pump?

Do betta fish need air? Bettas can survive without an air pump, unlike other aquarium fish, since they have a special respiratory organ called a labyrinth in addition to their gills. The labyrinth allows them to breathe very small amounts of air.

What is a lucky fish?

Arowana (Lucky Fish) is a Chinese traditional Feng Shui fish. It is a sample of of abundance. The Carps bring you a lot of benefits, including educational luck, career luck and good fortune.

Can guppies change their gender?

To dispel misinformation and myths once and for all, guppies cannot change sex and are not hermaphrodites. Females need males to fertilize their eggs and produce offspring, but they will also store the males’ sperm several months for when males are not available.

How do you treat a stressed fish?

Change water frequently to keep nitrate and ammonia levels low. Try adding water conditioners like API Stress Coat Aquarium Water Conditioner, which is formulated to reduce fish stress by 40% by removing dangerous toxins.

Can You separate a Pregnant Guppy?

In order for a female guppy to have a successful birth, she needs to remain as strong and healthy as possible. Male fish are relentless towards a pregnant female and they will literally exhaust her to death. Another reason to separate your pregnant guppy is to protect the fry upon birth.

How long does it take for a Guppy to give birth?

Although guppies generally give birth after 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, you may not always know when they are going to give birth. If a pregnant guppy manages to stay alive in a tank with other fish, the fry she births will most likely be eaten.

What is a gravid spot on a GUPPY?

The gravid spot is a dark spot located on the underside of your guppy’s body, near the tail, and is a clear marker of a female. Males do not have a gravid spot.

Where are the dorsal fins on a GUPPY?

The dorsal fin is located on the top of the fish, about two to three inches from the fish’s head. Male guppies have longer dorsal fins that flow in the water as they swim around. Female guppies have shorter dorsal fins that do not trail in the water as they swim. 2