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How much does a train pass cost in Boston?

How much does a train pass cost in Boston?

TRAVEL PASSES AND CHARLIE CARDS There is a daily pass for $12.75 a day and a monthly pass cost $90 a month.

What is the MBTA 5 day flex pass?

First introduced as a pandemic fare pilot in June 2020, the 5-Day FlexPass available on mTicket for the Commuter Rail is a bundled fare valid for any five days of travel within a 30-day period. Good for unlimited travel within a 24-hour period, these five passes are available for 10% off the cost of 10 one-way trips.

Is MBTA flex pass round trip?

The MBTA introduced the Flex Pass in July 2020. It allows for five days of unlimited round-trip commuter rail travel in a 30-day period for 10% less than the cost of 10 individual one-way tickets.

How do I pay for the T in Boston?

Fare vending machines accept credit, debit, and cash payments. Tickets and passes are available at retail stores throughout the region. Stores accept credit, debit, and cash payments. Cash value and passes can be added to CharlieCards online.

Is there a high speed train from Boston to New York?

With free WiFi, and power outlets at your seat it’s easy to stay connected while traveling at speeds up to 150 mph. To save even more time, Acela offers downtown to downtown service between Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and other intermediate cities.

Are Charlie Tickets reusable?

CharlieCards are reusable cards that can be loaded with cash value or passes to pay bus and subway fares. CharlieCards are available at select MBTA subway stations.

Is public transit in Boston free?

The buses became free in 2019, and ridership jumped.

How much is parking at the MBTA in Boston?

Boston traffic is notoriously hectic, and parking can be limited and expensive. Privately owned garages can cost as much as $40 for a few hours. At MBTA lots and garages located at Commuter Rail and subway stations, you’ll pay just $5 for an entire day of parking.

Can you buy MBTA tickets at Logan Airport?

Yes. There are fare vending machines located inside/outside of all terminals at Logan Airport, which sell all MBTA tickets and passes other than Interzone and Zone 9-10. How can I buy CharlieCards in bulk?

What time does the bus stop in Boston?

Hours of operation vary, but most bus and train service starts around 5 AM and ends around 1 AM. There is no late-night or overnight train service in Boston, though some bus service starts as early (or as late!) as 3:30 AM. Schedules vary by mode of transit and day of the week.

How much does a LinkPass cost in Boston?

If you’re mostly traveling by subway and bus, we recommend a 1-day LinkPass for 24 hours of unlimited travel on the subway, Local Bus, Charlestown ferry, and Commuter Rail Zone 1A. 1-day LinkPasses are $12.75—that’s equal to the cost of about 4 subway trips.