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What does servo mean in Latin?

What does servo mean in Latin?

protect, store, keep, guard, preserve, save.

What does the prefix servo mean?

servo 1. / (ˈsɜːvəʊ) / adjective. (prenominal) of, relating to, forming part of, or activated by a servomechanismservo brakes.

Where did the word servo come from?

The origin of the word is believed to come from the French “Le Servomoteur” or the slavemotor, first used by J. J. L. Farcot in 1868 to describe hydraulic and steam engines for use in ship steering. The simplest kind of servos use bang–bang control.

Is Servi plural in Latin?


Case Singular Plural
Nominative servus servī
Genitive servī servōrum
Dative servō servīs
Accusative servum servōs

Is servo a real word?

Servo definition A servomechanism or servomotor. (Australia, New Zealand) A service station, being a place to buy petrol for cars etc., as well as various convenience items, with or without actual car service facilities. Servomechanism.

What case is servos Latin?

What declension is servo in Latin?

NOM. servus servi
GEN. servi servorum
DAT. servo servis
ACC. servum servos

Where does the word servo come from?

What does servos mean in German?

It means service/servant and is used in southern Germany (Bavaria) which is predominantly Catholic. It is intended as meaning “service to God” similar to another greeting, “Grüß Gott” which means “Greetings to God.”

Who is Murica?

(satirical, humorous, derogatory) The United States of America as viewed by the stereotypical southerner or conservative.

Is servus a greeting?

The word may be used as a greeting, a parting salutation, or as both, depending on the region and context. Despite its formal origins, “servus” is now used as an informal salute in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Austria, Südtirol, Slovenia, Hungary, and Romania.

What declension is servos in?

Second-declension noun
Second-declension noun.

What language is Gruezi?

Grüezi is arguably the most well-known Swiss German greeting. It’s an abbreviation of “Gott grüez i” or literally in German: “Gott grüß euch”. (May God greet you.) A variation of “Grüezi” is “Grüezi mitenand,” with “mitenand” (“miteinander” – together) making it clear that the greeting is for more than one person.

How do you pronounce Murica?


  1. IPA: /ˈmɝɪkə/
  2. Rhymes: -ɜːɹɪkə

What are some nicknames for America?

Nicknames for America

  • The United States of America.
  • The United States.
  • America.
  • The U.S.
  • U.S.A.
  • The States.
  • U.S. of A.
  • The Land of Opportunity.

How do you reply to Servus?

So when someone greets you, Servus! it meant originally “[I am your] servant” but it is nowadays only a friendly greeting/goodbye, like “Hi!”/”Bye!” in English. Show activity on this post.