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What happened at Levittown Lanes?

What happened at Levittown Lanes?

The long-standing bowling alley was destroyed in a three-alarm fire that took place early in the morning on Wednesday, March 30. Firefighters worked to extinguish the flames, but the fire ended up destroying the building.

When did Levittown Lanes open?

Established in 1995. Levittown Lanes has been serving the community since 1995.

Who owns Levittown Lanes PA?

the Mormando Family
Welcome to Levittown Lanes Bowling Center & Grunts Sports Bar. You want the excitement of a great bowling league or just enjoy some awesome specials 7 days a week, then come down to Levittown Lanes. Since 1953, the Mormando Family has owned Levittown Lanes, providing a nice, safe & fun bowling environment.

What caused fire at Levittown Lanes?

The fire appears to be accidental, Falls Township Fire Department officials told the Bucks County Courier Times. Investigators said the flames ignited in an area above the Bucks County bowling alley’s ceiling toward the rear of the building, but the exact origin point was not determined.

Where was the first Levittown built?

Long Island
The first Levittown sprang to life in 1947 on 1200 acres of potato fields on Long Island. To speed production and cut costs, Levitt offered just two basic house types. The scale of the project attracted national attention and made Levitt and Sons a household name.

What impact did Levittown in New York have on American in the 1950s?

Levittown brought about a new post-war culture emphasizing conformity and uniformity, with many women returning from their manufacturing jobs during the war to a more traditional motherly role.

What is Levittown in history?

Levittown in Nassau County is a rather quaint hamlet that was planned and constructed from 1947 to 1951. Named after the firm Levitt & Sons, Inc. founded by Abraham Levitt, the settlement was built for returning World War II veterans and is today considered one of the first mass-produced suburbs in the country.

Who couldn’t live in Levittown?

Discrimination in Levittown Bill Levitt only sold houses to white buyers, excluding African Americans from buying houses in his communities even after. By 1953, the 70,000 people who lived in Levittown constituted the largest community in the United States with no black residents.

Is Levittown still there?

But Levittown still has its original nine community swimming pools with playing fields and playgrounds, as well as remnants of the seven intimate shopping strips known as village greens. It also still has active VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and American Legion posts.

Why are there no basements in Levittown NY?

Levittown houses have no basements. Of the 17,311 homes built between 1952 and 1957, not one came with a basement. They were built on concrete slabs, laced with copper pipe for hot water radiant heating.

What kind of people live in Levittown?

Levittown has a 2020 population of 51,634….Levittown Demographics

  • White: 79.91%
  • Asian: 8.56%
  • Other race: 6.32%
  • Two or more races: 3.48%
  • Black or African American: 1.68%
  • Native American: 0.05%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.00%

How much did a Levittown house cost?

Available only to World War II veterans and their families–and only white veterans at that–the first Levittown house cost $6,990 with nearly no money down. Levitt built 17,447 houses in the next four years.

Are Levittown houses still around?

Short answer: Probably not. Long answer: The homes have all been altered, expanded or rebuilt since the first house went up 70 years ago, according to the Levittown Historical Society. Levittown began as the first modern suburb in the United States.