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How do I fix error code 0146 on my Dell?

How do I fix error code 0146 on my Dell?

Hard Drive Error Code 0146?

  1. Use an Antivirus or Anti-malware Software.
  2. Run the Laptop/Computer in Safe Mode and Clean Boot.
  3. Run System File Checker (SFC) scan.
  4. Change the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) Settings.
  5. Run Disk Cleanup.
  6. Run PSA Diagnostics.
  7. Replace your Hard Drive.

How do I fix error 2000 0146 on my Dell laptop?

Dell Error Code 0146 FAQ You can perform a surface test to check if there are bad sectors on the drive, run CHKDSK to fix various hard drive errors or reset BIOS settings. If all the solutions you tried don’t work, just replace the old hard drive with a new one as soon as possible.

How do I fix a hard drive error on my Dell laptop?

  1. Perform a hard reset.
  2. Run a hardware diagnostic test.
  3. Disconnect external devices.
  4. Update the BIOS and drivers.
  5. Repair the missing or corrupted Windows system files.
  6. Restore the computer using Windows System Restore.
  7. Restore the computer to factory default settings.

How do I start my Dell computer in Safe Mode?


  1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn off the computer.
  2. Turn on the computer.
  3. Tap the F8 key until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  4. Use the arrow keys to select the desired safe mode and press Enter .
  5. The computer reboots Windows 7 into safe mode.

What is error code 2000 0142 on Dell Inspiron?

To put it simply, this error means that the ePSA could not successfully read information from the hard drive. By extension, your computer will not start, or will have trouble starting because retrieving information from the disk is not reliable.

What causes hard disk error?

Hard disk errors are typically caused by power outages, hardware failures, poor system maintenance, viruses, or human error. To fix disk errors, you can use the Chkdsk tool found in Windows operating systems.

What is disk error in laptop?

A disk read error occurred is a common error that we can encounter. This error means Windows detects a hard disk problem or there is something wrong with the process of reading hard disk.