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How many watts can a Hyper 212 Evo handle?

How many watts can a Hyper 212 Evo handle?

The rated TDP for the CM 212 Evo is 180 watts.

Does the Hyper 212 work with LGA 1151?

Hoping not to be bashed by some of you guys for commenting on an old thread, I can just report that CoolerMaster is now stating that the Hyper 212 Evo and its newer derivative, the Hyper 212 Plus, does fit the LGA1151 Socket Set CPU.

Is the Hyper 212 led good?

This thing is super quiet. It runs at the lowest fan setting and keeps my CPU about 3 degrees warmer than room temperature. If you run CPU stress test software, the fans do speed up and get a little noisier, but the temperature stays very low and it never gets louder than my old case fan was. Looks very well made.

Will Hyper 212 EVO fit on LGA1200?

Yes, The Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition most definitely works with the socket LGA1200, As I have it running on my ROG Maximus Hero XIII motherboard with an 11th generation i9 11900K LGA 1200 CPU.

Is Hyper 212 enough for overclocking?

Your temps give you plenty of headroom even for a heavy OC so yeah you should definitely do it.

Can a Hyper 212 cool a 9900K?

The 212 is a little lightweight for a 9900K, but the alternative doesn’t need to be a monster liquid cooler. Any decent midsized to large air cooler will be fine for the 9900K stock: Scythe, Thermalright, bigger Noctua’s, Dark Rock, etc.

Does the Hyper 212 come with LGA 1700?

Hyper 212 Black Edition with LGA1700 (New Packaging)

Is Hyper 212 EVO good for overclocking?

bp8401363, In short the answer is Yes. In my experience temperatures are not the limiting factor for over-clocking – The ability to achieve higher CPU overclocks are determined by the voltage the CPU can handle and the motherboards power phases.

Is Hyper 212 Evo enough for i9 9900K?

You can run a 9900K with a Hyper 212 but I’d expect to hit thermal throttling a bit sooner than you would with a better cooler. I used to have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO with my QX9770 CPU. It’s TDP is 136 W. The i9-9900K has a TDP of 95 W.