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What does Discreating mean?

What does Discreating mean?

: to reduce to chaos : annihilate.

What does Diffedently mean?

lack of self-confidence
1 : hesitant in acting or speaking through lack of self-confidence. 2 : reserved, unassertive. 3 archaic : distrustful.

Who is a discreet person?

“Discreet” has the better-known meaning: inconspicuous, proper, private, or unnoticeable. If you were a person who handles problems (especially potentially embarrassing problems) without calling attention to them, you might be considered a discreet person.

What do you call a non confident person?

diffident Add to list Share. The adjective diffident describes someone who is shy and lacking in self-confidence.

Does discrete mean secret?

discrete. Discreet is an adjective. It means to be careful or modest, not to cause embarrassment or attract too much attention, especially by keeping something secret. For example: To work for the royal family you have to be very discreet. See it in action.

What do you call someone with low self esteem?

What’s the word when you think low of yourself?

Selfless is the opposite of selfish. If you’re selfless, you think less about your self, and more about others — you’re generous and kind. Being selfless is similar to being altruistic — another word for giving to others without looking for personal gain.

What is PRT in autism?

•A behavioral treatment for autism that uses play to teach and reinforce new, pro-social behavior. •Used to help children build social skills needed to function in the world. •Some children have a more dramatic response to PRT than others.

What does I am discreet mean?

Definition of discreet 1 : having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct and especially in speech : prudent especially : capable of preserving prudent silence. 2 : unpretentious, modest the warmth and discreet elegance of a civilized home— Joseph Wechsberg.

What is discrete person?