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Where did Steve Paxton go to college?

Where did Steve Paxton go to college?

Connecticut College
In the summer of 1958, Paxton attended the American Dance Festival at Connecticut College, where he trained with choreographers Merce Cunningham and José Limón. After moving to New York City, he was a member of the José Limón Company in 1959 and a member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company from 1961 to 1964.

Who was asked to start the NYC Ballet in 1948?

In 1948, Balanchine invited the 30-year-old Jerome Robbins to join the nascent company as Assistant Artistic Director.

Where was Pina Bausch born?

Solingen, GermanyPina Bausch / Place of birth

Who invented Contact Improvisation?

Steve Paxton
Contact improvisation was created by an American dancer and choreographer named Steve Paxton in 1972. Steve was born and raised in Arizona, and he brought many lines of movement training into his dancing. He was an athlete, a gymnast, a martial artist, and a modern dancer.

Who started contact improv?

choreographer Steve Paxton
Here are two: Contact Improvisation is an evolving system of movement initiated in 1972 by American choreographer Steve Paxton.

How do you know when a musician is improvising?

What is musical improvisation?

  1. Understands what is going on and has immediate ideas;
  2. Easily composes, since he has many tools and resources in mind;
  3. Has a very sharp ear;
  4. Manages to do well in unexpected situations such as: new songs, changes to the setlist on the last minute, memory failure (blank), etc.

Who invented improv dance?

Contact improvisation

Also known as CI, Contact, Contact Improv
Country of origin United States
Creator Steve Paxton
Famous practitioners Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson
Parenthood modern dance, postmodern dance, martial arts (Aikido), somatic practices (Release Technique)

Who is one of the best known modern dancer choreographers?

Martha Graham
Born May 11, 1894 Allegheny (later Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania, U.S.
Died April 1, 1991 (aged 96) New York City, U.S.
Known for Dance and choreography
Movement Modern dance