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Who played the fembots on Bionic Woman?

Who played the fembots on Bionic Woman?

Stanley Brock
“Fembots in Las Vegas (Part 1)” is the third episode of season three of of the sci-fi/action series The Bionic Woman and the thirty-ninth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Michael Preece with a script written by Arthur Rowe….Co-Starring.

Actor Role
Stanley Brock Stage manager

Who was the first Fembot?

Due to Franklin’s association with Russian finance minister Baron Constantine, he was able to build his first fembot, which he named Katy. Katy (AKA Fembot #1) was indistinguishable between robot and human; flawless down to the final detail, even to a trained eye.

Who invented fembots?

Kenner created a Fembot doll as part of its Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman line.

Where did fembots come from?

Not—as some young ‘uns might guess—from the “Austin Powers” film series, but from the late 1970s TV show, “The Bionic Woman,” the female-centered cyborg spin-off of “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

Is The Bionic Woman a robot?

It was based upon the Fembot robot characters introduced in The Bionic Woman and was intended as a female counterpart to the Maskatron action figure (which had been loosely based upon the Chester Dolenz robots introduced in the first season of The Six Million Dollar Man).

What’s the name of the Bionic Woman?

Jamie Sommers
The show’s eponymous character, Jamie Sommers (played by Lindsay Wagner), was a professional tennis player. She first appeared in a 1975 episode of The Six Million Dollar Man as a former love interest of cybernetic agent Steve Austin (Lee Majors).

Why are most robots female?

Another reason for having female robots could be that women are perceived as less threatening or more friendly than men, Richardson said. And the same could be said of childlike robots. Hollywood’s vision of robots, such as in “The Terminator” and “The Matrix” movies, makes them seem scary.

Do androids exist?

Historically, androids were completely within the domain of science fiction and frequently seen in film and television, but recent advances in robot technology now allow the design of functional and realistic humanoid robots.

Who maintains fembotwiki?

He was simply amazed. FembotWiki is maintained by members of Fembot Central and Fembot Labs . Want to become a member? [ Contact us! ]

Are there any female Autobots?

For the Autobot resistance group led by Elita One, see Female Autobots. Despite being robotic lifeforms with generally non-sexual methods of reproduction, the Transformer species has almost always been shown to include both male and female gender analogues, at least mentally if not physically.

What do FemBots look like in the first movie?

In the 1997 film, the Fembots are first introduced in silver, metallic bikinis, long white gloves, coiffed blonde hair and, at just the right moment, nipples that protrude to reveal themselves as gun barrels. When Powers first encounters them, they wear baby pink teddies trimmed with pastel faux fur.

What is the name of the female Transformer?

Alternative words to denote a female Transformer, all used about twice in canon, include: femme-bot, fembot, girl-bot robot dame, and perhaps robotessa. Elita didn’t expect the Orthia auditions to have this big a turnout. The jury is still out whether Lugnut loves her more than Megatron.