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Is Shanarri a framework?

Is Shanarri a framework?

The SHANARRI principle The SHANARRI principles provide a framework for understanding a young person’s wellbeing. At Mind Of My Own we give young people the agency to explore and evaluate these aspects on their own terms and in a way that suits them best.

Is Shanarri a legislation?

The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 places key elements of GIRFEC in statute. Eight GIRFEC wellbeing indicators – Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included (sometimes known by the acronym SHANARRI) – are now part of Scottish law (s. 96 of the Act).

Is Shanarri assessment tool?

The SHANARRI wellbeing measurement tool gives a visual indication of the child’s overall wellbeing at any given point in time. This helps the Practitioner to identify and focus on indicators where the child is experiencing most difficulties.

What is wrong with GIRFEC?

GIRFEC’s potential impact on problems children face The report goes on to read, “In some cases, fears about the virus were exploited to withhold access to children, cut off contact to family and friends, and monitor movement under the pretext of keeping them safe from the virus.

What is the resilience Matrix?

The resilience matrix allows practitioners to take the strengths and pressures identified from gathering information using that information within the four headings of resilience, vulnerability, protective environment and adversity. The concept of practitioners is fundamental to children’s wellbeing.

What is a My World triangle?

The My World Triangle supports practice that considers the child or young person’s needs and risks, as well as the positive features in their lives. Strengths and wellbeing concerns are given equal consideration and can be structured around the triangle.

What does Included mean in Shanarri?

Included. The final wellbeing indicator is “included”. This indicator ensures that children have the help and guidance they need to overcome inequalities and become full members of the community in which they live and learn.

Is GIRFEC used in England?

The GIRFEC approach has been tested and developed across Scotland since 2006. It is based on research evidence and the experiences of practitioners, families and children. A report published by the Nuffield Trust found that the GIRFEC approach to promoting and improving wellbeing is leading the way in the UK.

What legislation supports GIRFEC?

The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 (the Act) supported GIRFEC implementation, but some provisions of the Act relating to the named person service and information sharing were challenged in the Supreme Court in 2017.