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Is the Bosnian Pyramid man made?

Is the Bosnian Pyramid man made?

Direct study of the site by geologists, archaeologists, and other scientists has demonstrated that the hills are natural formations known as flatirons, and that there is no evidence that they were shaped by human construction.

Who built the Bosnian pyramids?

the Illyrians
According to him, the pyramids were most likely built by the Illyrians, one of the ancient communities of the Balkans. In an interview in 2017 Mr Osmanagić claimed the structures date back 34,000 years.

How old is Pyramid of Bosnia?

12,000 years old
All of them, he says, are some 12,000 years old. During that time much of Europe was under a mile-thick sheet of ice and most of humanity had yet to invent agriculture. As a group, Osmanagich says, these structures are part of “the greatest pyramidal complex ever built on the face of the earth.”

Does Europe have pyramids?

No pyramids are known in Europe, and there is no evidence any ancient civilization there ever attempted to build one. But Osmanagic, a Bosnian archaeologist who has spent the last 15 years studying the pyramids of Latin America, suspects there is one here in his Balkan homeland.

What is a blue pyramid?

Blue Pyramid was created by crossing Blueberry with Shishaberry. This 80% indica-dominant strain has a strong, exotic, and very sweet flavor and aroma. It produces dense and compacted pyramid-shaped buds that are coated in a thick layer or resinous crystals. It has a calming, yet intense effect when smoked.

What is the’Bosnian pyramid’?

Bosnian pyramid claims. The ‘Bosnian pyramid complex’ is a pseudoarchaeological notion to explain the formation of a cluster of natural hills in central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Are the Bosnian pyramids one of the greatest finds ever?

The Bosnian Pyramids: One of the Greatest Finds Ever? In 2020, as we begin a new decade, Dr Sam Osmanagich and The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation is celebrating its 15 th year since multidisciplinary investigations of the Bosnian Pyramids began.

What is the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun foundations excavation priority 2020?

The discovery of the Ravne4 Tunnels has saved several years’ worth of excavations towards the Sun Pyramid and as such is now the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundations excavation priority for 2020. Besides the initial prospecting, work has barely begun at this newly identified location.

What is the “pyramid project” at Visoko?

We, the undersigned professional archaeologists from all parts of Europe, wish to protest strongly at the continuing support by the Bosnian authorities for the so-called “pyramid” project being conducted on hills at and near Visoko. This scheme is a cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science.