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What is the largest crowd in college football history?

What is the largest crowd in college football history?

The Battle at Bristol was an American college football game played at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee on Saturday, September 10, 2016, between the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Virginia Tech Hokies. It holds the record for NCAA football’s largest single-game attendance at 156,990.

What was the greatest college football game ever played?

Notre Dame 35, Houston 34. 18 of 25.

  • Cal 25, Stanford 20. 19 of 25. Nov.
  • Boston College 47, Miami (Fla.) 20 of 25. Nov.
  • Ohio State 31, Miami (Fla.) 21 of 25. Jan.
  • Miami (Fla.) 31, Nebraska 30. 22 of 25.
  • Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42. 23 of 25. Jan.
  • Auburn 34, Alabama 28. 24 of 25. Nov.
  • Texas 41, USC 38. 25 of 25. Jan.
  • Who has the best winning percentage in college football history?

    The leaders in winning percentage of teams in the Division I Subdivisions (FBS and FCS) and Division II are the Ohio State Buckeyes & Alabama Crimson Tide (. 731), Yale Bulldogs (. 697), and the Grand Valley State Lakers (. 740), respectively….Teams ranked by total wins.

    Rank 1
    Team Michigan
    Won 976
    Lost 352
    Tied 36

    Who got the biggest college stadium?

    The home of Texas A&M in College Station, Texas, is currently the biggest college football stadium outside of the Big Ten. The record attendance of 110,663 occurred in 2014 against Ole Miss.

    Has a college football game ever ended 2 0?

    While CFB has had its share of even 2-0 games back in the run-heavy era 100 years ago, as well as more than a few low-scoring ties throughout the 20th century, we narrowed our search, with the help of’s impressive database and season archives, to games in the last 20 seasons during which neither …

    What was the largest crowd ever for a sporting event?

    Maracana stadium in Brazil had a record attendance of 199,854 for the Brazil vs. Uruguay match in the World Cup Final on the 16th June, 1950. This is the biggest attendance at a sporting event held in an enclosed stadium.