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Is FiLMiC Pro the same as FiLMiC Remote?

Is FiLMiC Pro the same as FiLMiC Remote?

FiLMiC Remote is a companion app to FiLMiC Pro that allows you to control a device running FiLMiC Pro from another device running FiLMiC Remote. Remote offers an easy-to-use interface that will be intuitive for most first-time users and require virtually no training for a regular user of FiLMiC Pro.

Is FiLMiC Pro worth it 2021?

If you’re serious about shooting video on your iPhone or Android, you need Filmic Pro. Note that it’s not intended as a post-production tool, however. If you need to do your editing on-phone, look to Adobe Rush or Apple iMovie. But for the ultimate in shooting controls, Filmic Pro is unrivaled.

Does filmic pro shoot raw?

As long as your footage is exposed properly, Filmic Pro Log can preserve most of the entire tonal range of the raw buffer in the encoded medium.

Is Filmic Pro worth it 2021?

How much is FiLMiC Remote?

$9.99 USD
The cost of FiLMiC Remote for compatible Android devices is only $9.99 USD, and can be purchased here, while FiLMiC Pro is only $14.99. For only $25 USD, you have the apps to turn your Android devices into a professional cinema camera and monitor.

Can I use FiLMiC Pro with zoom?

You will now be mirroring your FiLMiC Pro device anywhere in the world via screen sharing through Slack, Skype, Zoom, or any other application that supports screen sharing.

What is FiLMiC extreme?

FiLMiC Extreme sets your bitrate above your native camera apps normal rate. In this case, 100mbps for 2k, 3k and 4k. At 1080p this target is is 50mbps. Note the use of the term target bitrate. FiLMiC say, “When you set a bitrate in FiLMiC Pro you are establishing a target for the camera framework.

Is FiLMiC Pro cinematographer kit worth it?

The filmic pro cinematographer kit is an in-app purchase, but it’s worth the extra expense. What is this? Shooting flat and log footage has been the cause of a lot of buzz online. It’s what you expect on pro video cameras and pro DSLRs.

Does FiLMiC pro shoot raw?

What is FiLMiC Pro firstlight?

FiLMiC Firstlight is a revolutionary mobile photography app from the makers of the class-leading FiLMiC Pro cinema video camera that makes live photography fun and creative.

How do you get the cinematographer kit on FiLMiC Pro?

With FiLMiC Pro open tap the Imaging button in the lower left of the interface (the three overlapping colored circles).

  1. Tap on either the gamma panel icon or the color panel icon.
  2. Tap on ‘ More Information’.
  3. From here you can purchase the Cinematographer Kit, or if you’ve previously purchased it you can Restore it.