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Who was the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana in 2012?

Who was the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana in 2012?


Chairman Charlotte Osei June 2015 – June 2018
Past Deputy Chairman
Deputy Chairman Kwame Afreh 1992 – 1994
Deputy Chairman David Azey Adeenze-Kangah 1993 – April 2012
Deputy Chairman Kwadwo Sarfo-Kantanka 1993 – April 2013

How does Ghana vote?

Electoral system The President of Ghana is elected using the two-round system, whilst the 275 members of Parliament are elected in single-member constituencies using first-past-the-post voting. Eligible voters must be Ghanaian citizens who are at least 18 years old, although those declared insane are disenfranchised.

Who is the boss of Electoral Commission of Ghana?

Jean Adukwei Mensa is a Ghanaian lawyer and Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

How are elections done?

State Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Elections Members of State Legislative Assembly, are elected directly by voting, from a set of candidates who stands in their respective constituencies. Every adult citizen of India can vote only in their constituency.

What factors determine whether people turnout to vote?

Age, income, and educational attainment are significant factors affecting voter turnout. Educational attainment is perhaps the best predictor of voter turnout, and in the 2008 election, those holding advanced degrees were three times more likely to vote than those with less than high school education.

What is the name of the first female electoral commissioner of Ghana?

Charlotte Osei

Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei
President John Dramani Mahama
Preceded by Kwadwo Afari-Gyan
Succeeded by Jean Adukwei Mensa
Chairperson of the National Commission for Civic Education