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Is Ashaway a good badminton brand?

Is Ashaway a good badminton brand?

Background Ashaway are a highly regarded brand, particularly known for their excellent string. There is a growing following for their badminton rackets […]

Are Ashaway rackets good?

The Ashaway Viper XT 1600 badminton racket is a strong and reliable racket, through an even balance and stiff shaft. The Ashaway Phantom Helix badminton racket is the latest in the Phantom range, which is slightly more flexible than the previous rackets.

Where are badminton rackets made?

The Li-Ning badminton racket manufacturer is located in China. It is now one of the leading badminton racket manufacturers in China. The badminton rackets manufactured by Li-Ning are of top quality and are widely used inside and outside China.

Which is better Yonex or Ashaway?

I have been using both of the strings and can say that the Ashaway is far more superior that the Yonex. You could also try the Ashaway PG 66 which is also 0.66mm, I string my racquets with PG 66 at 23×25 lbs and they last much longer than the Yonex.

Which brand of badminton racket is best?

What are the Best Badminton Racquet Brands?

  1. Yonex. For the extremely robust quality and innovative features, Yonex is one of the most reputable brands for the badminton racquets.
  2. Carlton.
  3. Li Ning.
  4. Wilson.
  5. Fleet.
  6. Forza.
  7. Victor.
  8. Ashaway.

Which racket material is best?

‍Aluminium rackets are the best badminton rackets and the most preferred by amateur, professional, and newbie players. This is because these badminton rackets are light in weight, durable, and provide a strong shot response for the players opposite to you on the court.

Which Yonex rackets are made in Japan?

YONEX Nanoscience achie… The Nanoray Tour 9900 badminton racket is developed and made in JAPAN. The vibrant colors and futuri… The Voltric Tour 5500 badminton racket is developed and made in JAPAN.

Are Ashaway strings good?

The perfect option for amateur players, Ashaway Rally 21 Fire string is known for ultimate strength and durability. It delivers a consistent performance and promises minimal tension loss. The 0.70 mm gauge racket string is ideal for beginners who do not have enough strength to hit powerful shots.

Is Yonex a Chinese company?

Yonex Co., Ltd. (ヨネックス株式会社, Yonekkusu Kabushiki-gaisha) (TYO: 7906) is a Japanese sports equipment manufacturing company. Yonex produces equipment and apparel for tennis, badminton, golf, and running.

Are Ashaway strings made in the USA?

Ashaway Line & Twine Manufacturing Company Ashaway is best known for manufacturing the world class racket strings used by many of the world’s leading professional players. As the only United States manufacturer of racket strings, Ashaway stands alone in meeting the stringing needs of tennis, squash, racquetball and badminton players.

Where are Ashaway threads made?

Ashaway is also a world leader in the production of bulk, non-sterile and non-absorbable medical threads and custom braided products. Each year over 75 million yards of medical threads are produced in our Ashaway, Rhode Island facility.

Is Ashaway medical thread non-sterile?

The same stringent quality control system that is required for medical thread production is used in all Ashaway production. Ashaway bulk, non-sterile medical thread production ranges from 25-micron nylon monofilament for delicate neurosurgery to siliconized, braided polyester for critical open heart surgery.